What I've Been Working on Lately......

Here are a few of the things I have been creating, some for the shop, some for gifts, some just because I wanted to!!!!
These gift tags are going to the Broadway shop, Julianna's, and I have another batch soaking in coffee, to use for myself !

The snowman's buttons are from my dwindling collection of vintage abalone and mother of pearl buttons.This snowman is made out of vintage, felted, tea stained wool.Some of the others are made of cotton batting or cutter quilt remnants.

These "zen sticks" are a result of  me playing around with my leftover beads and stones, after receiving a similar one from a "bloggy: friend. .They can be quite pricey to make, especially when using semi precious stones!
I received some  lovely calming beads from "faerwillow"- you can go to her blog and check out her etsy shop to purchase some of hers!She has some gorgeous ones!  My daughter promptly christened mine  zen sticks- they are a new age version of the old time worry beads. After having faerwillow's for a while, I can attest to their usefulness!! Mine are made with 20 gauge copper or silver coated wire. One of mine has a red jasper ring - jasper promotes harmony- we'll see if it's true!!! The other two are a beachy feel. These will just be gifts or giveaways.

The little bead bracelet spells out Broadway Gobblers - for the local high school team.

My feather tree is just a tiny "Charlie Brown" tree, made with a wood skewer, wrapped in floral tape, with faux pine branches, topped with a primitive rusty star. The pottery flower pot sits in a thrift shop votive candle holder made out of a slice of tree.

 I was harvesting herbs last week- and made this little hanger of curly willow (or Harry Lauder Walking Stick, not sure) with similarly scented herbs - lemon thyme, rosemary, and sage.

This bunch of lavender in the vintage silverplate urn may make it to the shop - altho I kind of like it!!!! The urn was a yard sale find - for 50 cents - since it had a broken handle!!! I fixed it!!!

Here's my vintage drying rack in the basement-the rack was also a yard sale find !

The upcycled teacup server and Christmas pedestal servers are already in Julieanna's.

The quilted table runner was one I made years ago out of vintage quilt blocks, machine quilted by Anne Weber of Ashburn, Va.

This last little piece was just me fooling around with a tin pie plate, after seeing Kimmie's tutorial on her bottlecap quilt! The reverse side looks better than the front, I think!!! The front is gessoed and decorated with bits of  clock innards. Not sure what I will do with it now tho......LOL

Now, off to make yet another cup of hot tea with honey, in an attempt to get rid of this cold!!!!


  1. WOW...what wonderful things you have been making. Thanks for taking the time to post so many photos for us to see and enjoy!

  2. I agree with Pat, Wow! I wonder how much more you will do when you are feeling better. ;)
    I especially like your "zen sticks" -- beads always get my attention. You are the queen of thrift-ing and resourcefulness!

  3. You HAVE been busy Ms Pat! Wonderful wonderful creations...I could comment on each and every one...but that would be a longgggg comment ;)
    I came across my mini feather tree ingredients the other day and thought 'Oh I should make some again' LOVE YOURS! I {heart} your button collection and tags too!

  4. ~how beautiful each piece is that you have been creating...so happy your were inspired to try and made your own "zen sticks" l♥ve it!!! but i think what steals my heart is your charlie brown tree...how cute is that! may you remain inspired to keep creating away...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  5. such busy hands....and each so unique...happy holiday season, clever woman!

  6. Love your work here. I want to bring it all home and you are getting my creative juices flowing for sure. But for now I'll have to settle on admiring your fine work and great ideas. You put me to shame. Lennie

  7. All this stuff is just so cool! And then I scroll all the way down to see your pie tin! With clock "innards!" how fun!! I'm so glad you gave that a go .... I love how it turned out!

  8. I can't believe how busy you've been. I love those tags, and the vintage buttons make lovely pieces, too. Those zen sticks are incredible. I've never heard of them, but yours are awesome. I love your little tree, and that pie tin is over the top. Super. Hope you have a chance to slow down a bit soon.

  9. I came across your blog, it's nicely written! Feel free to check mine out if you want. Maybe we can follow one another? :)