Tea on Tuesday

Well, here we are again, for another episode of "Tea on Tuesday"! A week really does fly by!!!

My tea this week is a matcha latte. I was reminded that I had this jar of matcha in the pantry (sent to me from Teresa, who builds up frequent flyer miles going to Japan!) by an article in Sept/Oct's Tea Time Magazine.

Matcha is green tea that is ground into a powder - similar to iced tea, but  a finer consistency. Kiley Holliday, the youngest certified Tea master in the country, mentioned( in an interview in Tea Time Magazine) a chai she loves to drink Indian style. She uses matcha tea, adds almond milk and a sweetener. 
I have been using almond milk lately in other things, in place of regular milk - and love it. So, I put 2 little spoonfuls of matcha in a mug, added hot water, a tablespoon of almond milk, and a smidge of dark honey. Delicious!!

I usually take my tea straight up,  sometimes with honey , and maybe lemon, but NEVER milk. This matcha latte was a nice change.
In keeping with the tea theme - here are some recent thrift store scores- below, a trio of English ironstone cups- Hunt Club, 2 different raised hunt scenes on the cup. Guess how much???? 25 cents for the trio!!!! Missing saucers, but who cares!!!

Next, is another little teapot with infuser, and a copper coil to put on the burner, so you can actually heat this one on the stove. I probably won't do that, but it's nice to know you can- I forget how much that was, but it probably wasn't more the $2 or $3.

Next to it, is a lovely orphan teacup- no markings, but very similar to some Homer Laughlin that I own.

Last, altho not tea related, is my favorite thrift find of that day!!! Let me preface this by saying - I have always been averse to wearing fur of any kind. My children were raised with this thought in mind, altho we do eat meat from time to time, and wear leather shoes, sooo....

As a result of their upbringing, when I showed them the coat, they both read me the riot act, "but MOM, it's FUR!!!!!! "
Being a fan of things vintage, I could NOT pass up this lovely vintage custom made jacket, circa 1940's/ 50's, I'm guessing.Made in a shop in Johnstown, PA, that no longer exists.
Since no other animals will be killed to replace this jacket, and I hope there are no PETA activists hiding behind a tree with a can of red paint, I am wearing  and just love this little coat! I am not an expert on fur, unless I have handled it while on the live animal(!), but am thinking this is either a dyed chinchilla, or a sheared dyed beaver. It is sooo soft, the craftsmanship that went into making it is something you don't see often today- the clip closures, ruffled edges in the lining, inner pockets- and it was just being reduced - so it was $21.50!!!! And, it is warm!!!

When I went out in it, my daughter said, Mom, you are wearing a fur, looking like a rich lady (ha!), we live in the boonies, you are driving a mini van,that is covered in mud and missing two hubcaps!!! What can I say, I am a contradiction in terms, an anomaly,a dichotomy....and definitely never been rich!!!!

These are before and after photos- my daughter was taking the pix, and said I never smile and always look so serious, so when I acted like a fool, she snapped a shot!!LOL
Please feel free to join us each Tuesday for tea- drop by Kimmie and Patty, for a list of other tea participants.

Thought for the day:

Our homes are our cocoons, our sanctuary, and our safety nets......


  1. A coincidence, my son who was home for Thanksgiving was talking about how he like powdered green tea. The Almond milk has gotten my interest, will try it! Re your thrift store finds, you either have a much better store than I do, or you just have a knack for finding things. Now that jacket, hmmm...I have been in the same position you are in with wanting to wear it but hiding at the same time. I've felt the same things, but not because I wore something. My problem was how to explain when I turned real fur into teddy bears. Some folks were aghast, but like you I felt no other animals were being killed. That, however, was decades ago and my hands don't want to make those leather stitches anymore.

  2. I've never heard of this tea before, but I love that you come up with the most unusual tea to spotlight. And now I'm looking for orphan tea cups like you and Nathalie have inspired me to do.

    The coat? If you like it, you should wear it. You look AWESOME in it. And it's old enough, even it's offspring's offspring are long gone by now (grin).

  3. I've never heard of this tea before but have had the Almond milk. I found it a little too sweet for my taste although I did use it as creamer for my coffee to use it up. Still a bit too sweet for me.
    Fun coat! I have a knee length, vintage suede with mink collar coat that I just need to lose a little weight to fit into again!

  4. your new coat is lovely and very warm too I'm sure...great pics of you too

    I got a black hudson seal (I KNOW) it was old old old when I bought it...it is falling apart...I always got extra hugs from my boys when I wore that soft warm coat (not often enough I'm thinking LOL)

    happy T Tuesday and YES how does time move SO fast!

  5. Your tea sounds so good on a cold day! I will definitely be trying that! and your thrift store finds .... amazing! I would wear the fur coat! I'll bet it's amazingly warm.... and better than some so called parkas that are no more than polyester and more polyester that will take 300 years to decompose. So there! PETA may use red spray paint - but you can use GREEN spray paint! Ha!

    Happy Tuesday!

  6. I love those pictures of you in the coat....Matcha tea is perfect and I bet you loved the taste...It's healthy as well..Thanks for sharing the method of making this tea....Happy Tuesday!!

  7. You looks sooo cute! And ... I think vintage fur is definitely permissible! It would be wrong NOT to wear it. I wish I had one!

  8. Love the finds... and the jacket is way cool! I would definitely wear it!

  9. I love your in your vintage fur! Don't worry about it!
    I have often heard of matcha tea, never tried it, you just twisted my arm!

  10. Love your vintage coat Pat, wear it happily, you are just recycling. Lennie