Yule Log Central

I'm making up some Yule logs for Julieanna's and Fulks Run Grocery.

This morning, I turned one of the horses out to graze behind the house,(the trustworthy one, who won't wander off when left unattended!) and trudged out, all bundled up, with my basket and shears, to harvest some greenery.
Cedar , pine, teasel, magnolia, acorns, foxtail, rosemary, lavender, burdock, and few other things filled the basket.
I already had some white birch branches from the thrift store (!), and pulled a few small logs from the woodpile to start with.

First mini Yule log of white birch:

Last two of the night above. You can click on the pix for a closer look.

Yule logs are meant to be enjoyed on the mantle or the hearth (or wherever you want , really) and then on Christmas Day, throw them into the fireplace. I will probably make one for myself, and keep it as long as the greenery holds out- they are almost too pretty to burn!!!


  1. We've converted our fireplace to gas, but when we had a wood-burning one, I'd not have burned anything as pretty as that! LOL

  2. very pretty indeed, and I thought yule logs were to eat.....haha

  3. Very beautiful! :-)
    I have recieved Penny's parcel with your box for 12 Days of Christmas! I love it! :-)

  4. They are, indeed, too pretty to throw into the fireplace, but the flames will be pretty too!

  5. what happy work cutting all of those wonderful sprigs of this and that...WAY too pretty to toss in the fire :)

    my Tante Resi just told me she still has a birch log that I made for her many many years ago...it was intended to be permanent and is a candle holder too...I put little red and white mushrooms on it along with greens and such...a symbol of the holidays in Germany

    fa la la ... still looking for my twinkle

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  7. I was just informed, by someone "in the know", who is attending a Winter Solstice party, that the Yule log is singed/lightly scorched in the fire, then KEPT til the FOLLOWING Christmas. The log will bless the family thru out the year, when it is then tossed into the fire, and replaced by a new Yule Log. And, the tradition continues.......

  8. Just a quick note to say thanks for the matchbox that has arrived at my place via bad penny! Hope you have a merry christmas!

  9. Your handmade Yule logs are lovely. I'd like to try this traditional Christmas project sometime.