Tea on Tuesday

Well, here we are again, and only one more Tea on Tuesday before the end of 2010.

Did any of you get up/stay up to take a peek at the lunar eclipse? For the first time in 400 years, the lunar eclipse happened on the Winter Solstice. I should have been holding my Yule log over a bonfire to singe it, sealing in the good luck for the coming year. But,


Only 4 more shopping days 'til Christmas, and I am proud to say, I only left the boonies only ONCE, to venture into the mad crazy crowds at the mall !  This year was less buying, more handmade, or making use of the internet for purchases.

Speaking of internet buying, I have been on eBay, a little too much!! After announcing my teacup exchange (click link to play along!), a friend got on eBay and started enticing me with all these fabulous finds of hers!!!
Below is a pic of only PART of a lot she scored on eBay- and who knows, one of these lovelies may end up in the teacup exchange!!! Or, maybe not!! I know I could not bear to part with any!!
She managed to win quite a few more auctions!! And, in the process, got me sitting in front of the computer, scrolling thru eBay on a search for the perfect teacup!

I have not been so lucky - I lost out on a lovely Willets Belleek cup and saucer, by 50 cents!!!!! I set a limit, and it was not meant to be, I guess. The other bidder got a VERY good deal! I would love to have a piece or two of Willets Belleek - Willets is my maiden name. I have 2 or three pieces of Shamrock Belleek that my mom gave me.  My mom has a few pieces of Belleek of her own- including a Neptune beauty just like this:
She found hers in an antique store a few years ago for a mere (!) $30- they now go for a low of $50 up to $100+- for ONE cup and saucer!!!! Yikes!!

Now, to play in  our teacup exchange, we don't expect such high end teacups - but, wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all afford to give away such niceties -LOL!  Just a pretty thrift shop find, or vintage one, or one from your stash that you are willing to part with. You could even buy a new one, if you desire! It's up to you. Only requirement is that they be in good condition, no cracks or chips, and have a matching saucer.

The exchange will be open til the next Tea on Tuesday, then I will throw the names into the proverbial hat, and match each player up with someone - this  will be a one on one exchange.

Teacups should be in the mail by January 15th, after the excitement of the holidays is over!
Leave your name and email in the comments in that post and start thinking about teacups!!!

Thanks for dropping by, and make sure to visit Kimmie and Patty for a list of other Tea on Tuesday folks!

Quote for the day:

Art is a guarantee of sanity.-------sculptor Louise Bourgeois  1912-2010


  1. ~bright winter solstice blessings to you this day...i had to set my alarm to get myself up to see luna and well the clouds filled our sky...no eclipse to be seen for us...your cups are beautiful and i am looking forward to this coming exchange...warm holiday wishes and brightest blessings~

  2. I went outside and looked, but, like your elusive e-bay auction, it was not to be. Too many clouds and "big city" sky glow turned the experience into a dud! But these tea cups are gorgeous. You always offer the best swaps. Sounds like a lot of fun. Happy Tea Tuesday and a very Merry (and safe) Christmas to you and your family.

  3. Beautiful tea sets. The exchange sounds like fun but I don't think I can put another thing on my plate right now! My to-do list keeps growing...

  4. I was sleeping too .... But it didn't matter due to the cloud cover we had anyway .... I'm going to post an announcement about your swap and hopefully entice more people to play :) .... I think I'll use your photo of all the cups and saucer your friend got.

    Happy Tea on Tuesday and Merry Christmas!!!

  5. Just look at all those lovely tea cups! I do love Beleek too, but I do not have any as of yet.
    Merry Christmas to you!

  6. Mr Magpie went to bed early so he could get up and see it...I went to bed late with my clothes on so I could get up too...I guess he wasn't able to wake me...I don't remember a thing..he did snap some pics...sorry I missed it...the next time will be something like 2094?

    Your quest for tea cups is putting a smile on my face...I do not see many nice cups and saucers at thrift shoppes, mostly mugs

    finally started a little baking today...where does the time go!

    I saw kumquats at SFW today...they only have them for a short period of time it seems
    thanks for popping by for T today
    fa la la
    p.s. keep meaning to ask you...do you know Donna and Neal Willetts of Waynesboro by chance?

  7. oooh I love those teacups!!! Happy Holiday to you!!!!

  8. I did see part of the eclipse! Our south Jersey sky has been incredibly clear with the full moon. It looked like a crescent moon to me mid-eclipse, but then I reminded myself of the earth's shadow, and suddenly I felt very small. It was a humbling and awesome moment. OK, I'm off to take a second look at your teacup exchange. You've got me going now!

  9. Merry Merry Christmas to a delightful lady full of energy and artistic pleasures. May your year be filled with child like pleasures and renew your spirit over a cup of delicious tea. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart