Busy, Busy, Busy.........

I will be back for Tea on Tuesday next week!! Last week was my son getting ready to move to California-  sniff, sniff, sob.....He's driving cross country - is in Kingman, Az tonite. All going according to plan!

This week I am cramming to finish my  Sketchbook Project- has to be postmarked by this Saturday.

And, getting teacups in the mail for my teacup swap!!!

Procrastination, thy name is ME!!!!

See you next week!!!!

Visit Patty and Kim- and their list of other tea partiers!!


  1. Why do they have to grow up???? I don't like it. Thinking of you...no fun to have them leave.

  2. I have been to Kingman Az before! It's a good stopping place on a road trip :)

    It sounds like you are super busy! I'm looking forward to swapping out my teacup later this week .... Thanks again for organizing that!

  3. you have a really good excuse for visiting CA now :)

    looking for you next Tuesday then Missy!

    take care

  4. I'm so sorry I missed your teacup exchange. I had every intention of playing...life got in the way.

    I know you miss your son. (((((Pat)))))

  5. I'm with Patty. You haven't lost a son... you've gained free room and board in CA!

  6. AH. Kingman, AZ. Been there, done that (grin). Not far, now. I bet he's in CA by now, too. Glad that your teacup exchange was so good. I am simply not a tea cup gal, but I should tell my friend Annette who is Scottish, but living in Canada at the moment. If you have another one, I'll send her your way.

    And to add what Nathalie said, motels and hotels aren't cheap in CA!!

  7. Just have to pop in here to say, THANK YOU! First, for the tea cup exchange, and also especially for pairing me with your friend, Judy! We have received each other's boxes now, and I'm blown away by the love, care and attention to detail that went into hers. Not to mention the lovely, absolutely exquisite, Royal Albert Moss Rose teacup and saucer that now graces my table (waiting for me to toss the mug and try sipping daintily!). Thanks to you!
    You have my thoughts as your son moves. It's not easy, but they must. God bless.