Yet Another Blog.......

I have started another blog....................................why?

It's a simple one, easy to keep up with (I hope) , easy to read. It's an experiment for a year.

Please become a follower, I would love to have you visit, and hopefully, you won't be too bored!

                                                                     Here is the link


  1. Thank you for visiting my post yesterday...the connection between trusting artists is so valuable and yet many moments are lost when I fail to recognize why this connection is so important to my growth. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

    Now I am off to check out your new adventure!

  2. Oogles, thanks for visiting my blog :) the Krakus brand of filling was found at a small store called Aroma Foods. It was so handy! but next time I'm going to try my own--one day:)

  3. did I miss a link to your 365 bbb here on this would be handy to be able to click on it on your sidebar...y
    ou know I was already challenged keeping up with TWO of your blogs woman! ;)