Idle Hands...................

................are not to be found here today!!

While taking breaks from necessary chores, or while watching tv at night, I have been pulling out all the left over and thrift store yarns, and crocheting. (Thanks for the inspiration Gene !)

This first one was just a rectangle of leftover yarns, sort of matching, that I just crocheted, until I used it all up. I decided to turn it into a sewing/ needle/what have you/tea wallet of sorts.

I had a spare abalone heart button, and some left over lilac fabric for lining- and here it is. I had no pattern (as you can probably tell!)- was just winging it!
It may end up as a "gift" in my Pay It Forward, or.....?

The other crochet project is from an unlabeled, partial skein of what I think is alpaca blend (not sure)- turned into a 16" square pillow.
       I notice my down vest is peeking in the bottom of the picture as I leaned over to get the shot!!!

Anyway, that's what idle hands have been doing the last two days around here!
Now, off to finish the real chores( and find some more yarn!!)


  1. I am glad I could inspire you. I think you are doing better with it than I am.

    I did teach someone to crochet today. I got so excited when she "got it"
    I love teaching.

  2. I love that lining you added to your little crocheted bag, and you have something to show at the end of the day. Good job.