Tea onTuesday

Well, today's Tea on Tuesday is a veritable mishmash of different stuff- which loosely translated, means I had no clue what to write about today!!!!

Happy February all !!! Can you believe that Valentine's Day is a mere 13 days away!!! Where did January go!!!

The above pic is of a cool mouse pad/calendar that my daughter found for 50 cents at Michael's!!Each calendar month features a different cup - they are all really coffee - but the cups are very cute, regardless!!!

Below, is my tea today - a chamomile citrus, sent to me by Peggy, over at Passions of an Odd Chick- thank you, thank you!!! Very delicious!!!

This tea is going in an "orphan" thrift shop teacup-Aynsley bone china- it's really quite pretty - the photo doesn't do it justice at all!

I really need to stop rescuing cups that are saucer-less. I am running out of room!!!

Below is a new favorite antique shop find - I am not sure if it was meant to be a baby quilt, or was just made as a lap quilt. It is of vintage flour/feed sacks for the most part. I love it!! It was a little more than I usually spend - but at $10, it was still cheaper than it would have cost me to buy a couple of individual vintage feed sacks!!!

I am starting to amass a collection of locally made, and what I call "character", quilts. They are all pretty darn unattractive, but have alot of character!!!Despite their outward appearance, they are serviceable and very warm! And, they all took someone a long time to make.

The white flowered print on the right is my favorite - almost a seersucker type fabric.

 The reverse really is unattractive, and totally keeping with the theme of my collection!!LOL
Please feel free to join us every and any Tuesday for tea!

Visit Kimmie and Patty for a list of all other participants!!!!


  1. I love that little quilt ! Happy TT.

    (I had to look up a picture of Martha Stewart - I'd heard of her of course. You & Jim were too kind !)

  2. I have to admit. Your "mish mash" tea post is a lot better than mine. At least yours has cohesion.

    I am very worried about you. I wondered if you are in the path of the impending storm. I hope you stay safe and warm through the next few days.

    BTW, I am totally impressed with that tea. You don't often see tea in a bag like that. Happy thoughts go to you this Tea Tuesday, dear.

  3. I love that Ansley teacup. As you know I DON'T collect. But I did bring a cup back many years ago on my one trip to England for a co-worker at the time. I got it in the thrift store --their version of Salvation Army/Goodwill. She loved it and said it was a nice one. Ha ha.....beginners luck I guess.

  4. Now that is a wonderful find.....such a lovely quilt..

  5. Love this post! So much packed into it.

  6. fun post Pat
    Love any tea when it comes in those 'silk' bags...Mighty Leaf Tea is very tasty

    you seem to be a quilt magnet lately...among other treasures ;)

    Happy T
    stay warm and cozy!

  7. Love the little tea cup. The quilts made back when, were made for warmth and not looks, they used what they had on hand and were thrifty for sure. You can't help but think about the story behind them. Thanks for tea today. Enjoyed it.

  8. your quilts look very thrifty and utilitarian - before shabby chic was chic :)
    I think they are beautiful - even the backs :)
    I have a thought for your teacups .... they may be fun to "plant" in your flower beds in the spring time ... instead of silver bells and cockle shells, you could have little orphaned teacups all in a row :)

  9. Silk tea bags...exquisite finds...a soft fiber hug from this small quilt...oh what a celebration for Tea for Tuesdays! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  10. I have a soft spot for orphans and your little quilts are precious, I'm sure they were made with love :)
    I just happen to love calendars or anything that has to do with time---and things that are dual purpose :)

  11. oo i love the orphan cups and homey quilties..sweet working hands probably held both...i love the connection we all have here...