Quilting Questions- HELP!

To all you talented quilters out there- I have a question or two.

I am making 2 baby quilts, and am looking for an online source for really cute fabric. My fabric sources out here in the boonies, are slim to none, no brick and mortar stores within reasonable driving distance, no really appealing fabrics.

What are your favorite online sources?
Also, what are your favorite methods/products for transferring photos to fabric?

Thank you!!!!


  1. connecting threads.com, fabric.com, or ebay

  2. Keepsake Quilting and Whittle's Fabrics both have websites with nice selections, too.

  3. Tonya covered my "go to" sites. Be sure to check the clearance sections on Connecting Threads and Fabric.com

  4. Quilt Shops.com type in ANY key word and they find it for you. A hint...use the word SALE also and they only show you what is on sale.

  5. The www.thedoormouse.com has a big selection of fabrics and patterns. They have a wonderful store!
    Thank you so much for my handmade item! I love them both very much! You work fast! Great job!