Just a reminder.........

......that my new daily blog "threesixtyfive"    is still up and running. Please come follow me for all my "days" !

For the first few days, the blog was a combination of a small stone- and a daily photo. A small stone is a daily writing exercise I discovered on another blog.
It was fun, and got the brain going in the morning, but I have decided to go back to the original purpose- to just record a photo a day, from my daily life, for a year (!).
I will let the photos speak for themselves, and read into them what you wish!!!

Like this photo - I'll let you guess where I wish I was right now.............................


  1. By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea! Love it, with or without words.

  2. Sand beneath my toes, wind rushing by, smell of the ocean on my skin. Oh I wish I were near the sea too!

  3. I know that you would like to be at the beach. I love it there too so peaceful! Thank you for your purchase and also for visiting my blog. I have let that slip for so long and decided to get at it again. anyway I signed up to be one of your followers and hope you will do the same for me. Keep those pictures coming.