It's Me!!!!

Some things are better left unknown or shrouded in mystery................but since Penny asked, and Nathalie was brave enough to.........

I am posting me sitting where I blog. This is really right now - after starting the day all neat and tidy, having a good hair day- I am ending the day having been at  the barn, all windblown, gritty, head resting on my hand (causing wrinkles that do not really exist! Really, they don't!!!! Ha!).

So, there you have it- altho', if you are my FB friend, you have probably already seen me.

           .......I am she and you are she as you are me and we are all together....

                   (with sincere apologies to the Beatles for tinkering with the lyrics /I Am the Walrus)


  1. Love it! You look so intent. I wonder what you are thinking? Lennie

  2. Looks like it's still a good hair day ;)

  3. It looks like a great hair day! I think this whole "where I blog" is great fun! (I'm sure the Beatles will be unscathed..)

  4. Oh there you are ! Looking very lovely x

  5. Hello, great to see you at the computer, my favourite place to be. Working on remedying that though!

  6. Oh I see YOU kept your clothes on. Why did it seem a good idea to take mine off......?! ;0) At least, like you, I kept my glasses on!