Tea on Tuesday

Well, my yerba mate gourd arrived just in time!! Yesterday was a happy mail day- the gourd came, some fabric for a baby quilt from Fabric Artist, and some silverware from Nathalie. All in all, a great day to go to the post office!!!

This cute little gourd came from ma-tea.com  The cane straw is very neat - open at the end you sip out of, closed at the other end, with tiny holes up the sides of the "straw" for the tea to come thru, without the tea leaves. 
My first try with this (no, I haven't tried it yet) will be to put the leaves in a tea bag, and try it.The loose  or chopped leaves are supposed to be put in the gourd without a back. this came with instructions for use!

My daughter looked askance at me - the inside of the gourd really isn't finished or sealed in any way - she thought it was gross that I would actually drink out of it!!LOL

 The little leather "coaster" the gourd is sitting on, is an embroidered leather thrift store find. (More about that in another post)

The fabric came from  Jerre at Fabric Artist - it's so cute - and she sent along 3 of her new iron on appliques - a heart, dragonfly, and butterfly - be sure to check out her Etsy shop! Thanks, Pat, for the lead!!!

The last happy mail was from Nathalie's Etsy shop, Ruby Floy
I love the little card she made (along with the orphan saucers she sent for my orphan teacups!) - photo from a 1959 Kansas City Star- ladies having a proper tea!!! Reminds me of Aunt Bea from Mayberry and the Andy Griffith Show!!!

My purchase from Ruby Floy was this group of vintage silverplate silverware- for altering- very cool!! My supply was running low!!! So carefully packed with egg cartons for cushioning and some more of the Kansas City Star lining the bottom.

Please feel free to join us every Tuesday for tea- drop by to see Kimmie  for a list of all who come to tea!


  1. What a beautiful gourd...I don't know if I would drink out of it either.....

  2. Lots of goodies you have there! The gourd looks different than I expected. I will check out the link. Happy tea day!

  3. ~look at all these treasures...i am swooning over your silver finds though! simply beautiful...thank you for sharing all these wonderful bits with us...looks like i may have to stumble over for a visit! much love light and blessings my dear friend~

    ps...you are truly on top of things...a wee faerie swiftly brought forth the most wonderful little package...when i returned home from the hospital it was there waiting...it has offered up some healing moments for me...i am hoping to get to the p.o. this week for you my dear...i hope all is well and thank you so for all your healing wishes and blessings love kindness and mainly your friendship!~

  4. You are way over the top on this post, so much to take in! Love it! Now to have a look at the link. Lennie

  5. That gourd is way cool. The coaster you found is PERFECT. Thanks for the shop promotion! :)

  6. Hmmmm I don't know about that gourd :)
    I guess if you're putting boiling water in it that will make it seem better, but I think I'm with your daughter on that one. It sure is pretty though :)
    And I didn't realize that our Nathalie was also the Etsy Ruby Floy .... I will have to revisit her shop!

    Happy tea day!

  7. Awesome looking gourd... The silverware look so pretty all packaged up!

  8. I love to come and see your treasures :) happy T day to you.

  9. Girl. That gourd is cool stuff.
    i'd wanted to comment on the Tea post... but I got all distracted by the cookie on the previous post.
    Because. I am hungry as hell and am Still waiting for dinner to finish up.
    oh, and happy tea day.