Tea on Tuesday

 I'm enjoying a cup of yerba mate (pronounced MA-TAE) tea. Supposedly very healthy, with more antioxidants  than green tea, it has a slightly different flavor. Real yerba mate is not a tea, but an infusion made from a South American holly plant. Who knew?????

It is sipped out of a hollowed gourd, with a straw (called a bombilla).

Mate leaves apparently never wear out, because traditionally, the gourd is refilled over and over with hot water, and shared among friends!
My yerba mate is by The Mate Factor- and is a blend of organic yerba mate, green tea, ginseng root, echinacea leaves and root.
For the real thing, check out these links- ma-tea.com, guayaki.com, and yerba-mate.com 
I may have to get myself a gourd and bombilla!!!

With my tea, I am enjoying the Trader Joe's goodies my brother sent from California! He mailed them in my mother's old suitcase! It still has her initials on the front - and was a gift to her from her mother, when she graduated high school, which would have been around 1945! It is filled with boxes of chocolate covered edamame and pomegranate seeds, pfeffernuse, truffles, and more!!! YUM!

I will finish off today's post with a peek at my vintage display cabinet- ALMOST in order - kind of a work in progress!

My teacup collection is taking it over, with some of my pottery teapots on top. I really think I need another cabinet!!!The bottom two shelves have some of my dolls and hunt collectibles- they are going to need their own display!!
I love this cabinet - it has the original wavy glass and door lock. Back when I used to make window treatments for a living- a client traded this to me for some balloon shades - she thought it was ugly and was going to throw it out!!! Best trade I ever made!!! And, knock on wood, the wavy glass has survived my kids growing up, dogs wagging tails and several moves!!!

You might want to visit  this blog - Teapots, teapots, teapots    with fabulous links to wonderful, creative, and off the wall teapots. There are Baltimore pottery teapots, raku teapots, and industrial metal teapots. You could spend a day checking out the links!!

Please drop by for tea on any Tuesday and visit Patty and Kimmie for a list of other tea participants!


  1. Yerba Mate is one of my favorites and I have always wanted to get the gourd and bombilla. You have a great cabinet and reminds me of one my grandmother had once upon a time. Thanks for all the links and it was nice having tea with you today.

  2. I am totally lusting over those chocolate covered pomegranate seeds.

  3. your tea cabinet is wonderful...looks like a "happy place"...great score indeed!

    your brother has very good taste and that suitcase is so wonderful and extra special that it was your mom's!

    I was tempted by the gourd and bombilla (forgot the name of that) when I first found out about Yerba Matte...good stuff
    Fun tea post Pat!

  4. Leave it to you to find a tea I've never heard of. I must check out the link to see what I'm missing. The tea sounds fascinating, and to know a bit of its history is even more appealing.

    That old suitcase is one time worn memory. How delightful, and so special that your brother sent it to you filled with things he knew you would love. Have a great Tea Tuesday and hoping your weather is better than mine!

  5. That's such a lovely suitcase, Pat....Tea today is definitely meaningful....

  6. I am always so happy to learn more about different kinds of teas from my tea friends! I will definitely try Yerba Mate ..... I love green tea and it sounds just yummy! and, it looks like your brother knows what you like! that suitcase is so wonderful - and to fill it with those goodies was such a sweet thing to do!

    Pat - you may have to start adopting out your teacups :) ...... they look like their are squirming for more room! or have some more teacup swaps and we can swap the orphans (that sounds terrible!)

  7. Squirming for room is right - more like precariously balancing in some cases!! I will be having a spring teacup swap - but may have to farm out the orphans!! If I swap orphans, I am not really accomplishing anything, am I? LOL For each new cup and saucer, and orphan must go - sounds a bit harsh tho................!!!!!

  8. That is one fabulous china cabinet full of tea cups! You are teasing us with just a peek!
    I can't wait for you to bring each one out to share with us.
    Your mother suitcase is fantastic! The fact that it is your mothers makes it even better than vintage.
    Thank you so much for sharing in Tea Cup Tuesday.

  9. Love your suitcase full of goodies and how special that is is your Mom's.

    What a great cabinet that is! I have always wanted one like that!


  10. Yerba mate. I have never had it. I live in a small world and have a somewhat closed mind... but you snuck attacked me with the anti-oxidants part. I have to drink green tea (decaf!) every day. If I don't, I am Just Sure i can totally feel myself aging faster. What I need to be doing is slowing this stuff Down, so I will track down some yerba mate. Unless it's expensive, then I will just age.

  11. How very sweet of your brother. Love trader joes and love that suitcase!!

  12. Lovely cabinet! You have quite the collection of tea cups going there! Love the suitcase too! And I'm definitely going to check out the tea pot blog! Thanks for the link!

  13. Lovely collection of 'stuff' in your cabinet! Isn't it true that one mans trash.....lucky you :)

  14. Hi: I just love that cabinet! What a great trade! I have always wanted one of those. Thank you for being a part of Tea cup Tuesday. Always great to have you. Blessings, Martha