Tea on Tuesday

Isn't this little piggie the cutest thing!!!!!!!????

The latest rage in mini animals - teacup pigs.
A friend posted about this on FB, saying they only get to be about 8 lbs full grown. 
I researched it, and they grow to be anywhere from 25-65 lbs - not exactly teacup size - but still small, compared to the average hog.
I believe this pic came from a breeder in England - and the prices range from $2,500- $3,800!!
A pretty pricey little piece of bacon!!!
A baby one of these little cuties would be breakfast for one - for one of my dogs.

I remember in the 80's, when Vietnamese pot bellied pigs became all the range - they were supposed to be tiny - well, SURPRISE, they were, and are, not. And, impulse purchases of pot belly pigs, resulted in pig rescues all over the country - because folks who bought these little cuties, found out they were not so little when grown. Pigs are highly intelligent, but will tear your backyard to shreds, doing what pigs do!


                                           Here are my more traditional tea photos for today!!!!

Drinking Twinings Earl Grey tea in my thrift shop English Royal Castle bone china oversized cup and saucer. My extra hot water is in my newest eBay acquisition - a brown English Denby pitcher. Love Denby!!!!
You might notice my reading material - Cigar Aficionado! why, you ask???

I have no clue - these started showing up in my mailbox- in my name - never ordered them - no one in the family smokes cigars or anything else! But, I'll read whatever is put in front of me - almost!!! LOL

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  1. what is it about 'little' anything that is so appealing...such a cutie!

    We got Rolling Stone for a good year and I have no clue WHY? turns out it had some interesting articles :)

    Happy Sweet T to ya Pat!

  2. LOve that picture of that cute piggie and the teacup...and the teapot has a unique shape too...elegant
    Happy T to you dear Pat!!

  3. The photo of the tiny pig is adorable. But you are right. It is a shame when people people buy an animal and learn about its true size after it grows up. That's the same way with baby alligators people used to bring back as souvenirs from FL. How insane is that?

    Your lovely tea pieces are wonderful. So earthy and beautiful. I still get "Golf" magazine. Don't ask why, since I have never played golf in my life. I look at it as art fodder. Happy Tea today, dear. Hope it's a beautiful one in your world.

  4. The piggy photo is cute but it's such a shame that people go off half cocked and buy the latest fad animals like they were just a pair of shoes without any thought of the consequences.
    Neat tea pot...like the shape.

  5. What a cute little piggy :) .... I wonder if there are strange personality changes in the teacup breeds or health problems? .... I love your description of pigs doing "what pigs do" which of course would be lots of digging and snorting and snuffing through the flower beds :)

    Now, with that cigar magazine .... I wonder if in the past, you posted something about altering cigar boxes and they somehow thought you had a cigar blog .... It's a possibility!

    And maybe Elizabeth was altering golf balls and they thought she had a golf blog ... Hee hee

  6. Hallie, I agree completely! Kimmie, I imagine there are issues, that have yet to surface. Miniature horses can have health issues,my vet went into great details about that, and treating them can be far more expensive and difficult, due to their small stature, as we learned with Miss Lilly. Miniaturized and selective dog breeding creates problems- hip dysplasia, breathing problems, eye issues, genetic issues. Man just trying to "improve" on nature....

  7. Your photo brought an instant smile! Baby anythings are so adorable :)
    I love your perky little pitcher!
    The magazine? well you never know what little scrap of paper you may be able to fashion something into :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  8. That little pic is adorable! Too bad they do get big...

  9. I used to play dolls with my cousins runt pigs...who knew they would be in demand in the future? Just adorable little piggy but I would not pay that much money for him! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  10. Oh I just love little piggies. It would be wonderful if they did only get to 8 lbs. I might have to get one. Wonder what my yorkies would think?

  11. Hi: I just love the little pigs. Your tea cup is wonderful too. I did not see your link on Tea Cup Tuesday. Did you do it and I just lost my mind? Anyway, great post! I will visit the other two ladies you mentioned. Have a great week. Blessings to you, Martha