Sketchbook Project 2011- Ta Da!!!!!!

I actually participated in , and completed something ON TIME!!!

It has been known to happen, on occasion, but I am such a procrastinator, that I sometimes take on more than I can do!
Or, have ideas that I don't know how to make a reality........that happens alot!

This sketchbook was tough to start, I made a new cover for it - and then stalled. Blank pages, and totally blank mind.....!!!
As I flipped thru the finished product, I can see where it got better as I progressed. 
I hope that whoever looks thru it, will be interested enough to keep turning the pages, because it DOES get better.

My book will be ONE of some 26,000!!! LOL  I forget the exact number of participants really, but it is a phenomenal amount! All books are entered and categorized, with an ISB #, and then sent on a tour of the US, starting in Feb or March. The Art House Co-op has arranged for the books to tour many states, including Brooklyn, Washington, DC, Minneapolis, and San Francisco.

If you click on The Sketchbook Project there will be updates for the tour. I will also let you know when it starts, so if you are in or near a city the books visit, you can drop by and see some really great art in moleskine journals. I think just seeing the books all in one room will be amazing in itself!!!

I will even post my barcode - so you can look up my book too!! When the tour comes to DC, I will have to go outside my 30 mile radius of travel, and  visit mine, and all the rest!!!

My category is The View From Up Here, and since I am not the best illustrator by any means, my book is made up of photos, zentangles, sketches, and watercolors. The cover is redone in brown suede, with vintage metal buttons and rawhide ties.
Here is a sneak peek at some of the pages.

This little book within the book, is my favorite, I think!! A tiny moleskine watercolor and gel pen flip book- I really wanted to keep this (and the watercolor of Miss Lilly!)

It is hard to do a flip book justice in a still shot!

Here is my "official" bar code - so exciting!!!

Well, thanks for looking - I hope to be back to regular posting, now that the turmoil of "normal" life has settled down a bit!!!
See you tomorrow for Tea on Tuesday, with an update on our teacup swap!


  1. ~how exciting!!! and congrats to you for completing this project...what an amazing journey it was and will be as it goes up on display for all to see...i too love your mini book...much love light and blessings be with you always~

  2. Your sketchbook turned out beautifully .... I love your watercolors! Do you have to part with it forever? Don't they send it back to you!?!?!

  3. It is part of the collection forever!!:>)/:>( That was hard- but also mentally freeing when I sent it off!!LOL I did take lots of photos of the watercolors to "save" then!!!
    I thought I saw mentioned that you could price and mark if you wanted to sell your book, but never really paid to much attention to that. It will be also on file, so people can view the books individually online.

  4. Your sketch book cover is awesome...those pictures are even more so....I wish I had that talent.

  5. Your pictures are wonderful. My fav this morning was the zentangle horse, but this afternoon it is the squirrel which you captured so well in your water colors. I Love his eyes. I'll go back again later for another look. Lennie

  6. Your own barcode?! Almost like being pucblished! I like your zentangle horse and the flip book must have been a challenge. I hope the show comes to a city near me, but I doubt it!

  7. This is a wonderful achievement -- I especially love the watercolors. The entire project might be a family heirloom someday.

  8. If it doesn't come to a city near you, it can be viewed online. I'll keep ya' posted!!!

  9. Your sketchbook is exquisite and you should be very proud. I found a couple small journals on sale this afternoon and will look forward to making them my own. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  10. well done, pat! your watercolors look great!

  11. I cannot wait to see your book in person when it comes to Brooklyn. From the glimpses here I think it looks phenomenal. I love the watercolor of the horse!!

  12. I hope you do get to see it Seth!! I am not sure if the tour will begin or end in Brooklyn. I need to find out who else I "know" who participated, so I can see their work in person when it comes to DC!!!