Tea on Tuesday

Did you know today is International Women's Day? That's what my calendar tells me- so, I raise my teacup to all my "fellow" women out there!!!!!

In today's teacup is Kroger's Private Collection brand- acai, pomegranate, blueberry green tea- it seems to cover all those healthy fruits in one hot drink!!!

It's kind of redundant- the name of the tea, then the description below- the name is kind of self explanatory, don't ya' think?

I'm sipping this flavorful tea in one of my "new" fabulous finds!! This was a real score- to me, anyway!!! I found these in the antique shop, while checking up on my own booth. 
Hidden away in a tiny booth were 5 of these little beauties for the sum total of $3.99! I could NOT resist!!

I bought them with the full intent of putting them on eBay or in my Etsy shop, but really fell in love with them when I unwrapped them at home.

They are museum reproduction pieces from the Henry Ford Museum. The design is reminiscent of the early 1900's in quite modern day colors.

Here is my group of five, circled around a vintage carafe that I've had for about 25+ years.

Also on my breakfast table this morning, is a throwaway vintage piece, rescued from the trash - with a little silver polish, and a dried flower found in my woods (hiding the bends and crimps in the piece). It turns out to be a quadruple silver piece circa 1896-98. My favorite era for dinnerware, silverware, and fashion- so it's a keeper, despite its damage.

Last, but not least, in celebration of International Women's Day and Tea on Tuesday, I am giving away ONE small canning jar of peppermint tea leaves. As you can see, I have more that enough to last me!!! I bought bulk from Frontier, and would love to share.
So, leave a comment on this post, and let me know if you are interested in entering for the tea giveaway. A random name will be chosen at the end of today.

Please feel free to join us every Tuesday for tea. Please stop by and visit Kimmie and Patty for a list of all the tea partiers!


  1. What a wonderful find. Your carafe matches so well too. Would love to be in your giveaway. Happy tea day to you!

  2. Your new tea cups and saucers are so vibrantly pretty! I have been to Henry Ford Museum and think it is so cool that these cups came from there. I would have kept them for myself too!
    Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

  3. I love your rescued silver piece! I'm not much of a tea drinker so I won't enter your giveaway but I love my home grown herbs and all of your tea in your jars look lovely!

  4. Great Tea set!!! I love the redundancy on the tea packet. People are funny. Happy T on T!

  5. Love those cups! So different than any I have seen! I would love for you to enter me in your drawing for the tea. Thanks for coming by to visit me!

  6. What a fantastic find and such a good price too! They are beautiful and the carafe looks lovely with them. The tea's name made me smile... I guess they didn't want to mislead you!!

  7. Your tea set is so beautiful and perfect for Spring! And I love what you did with the vintage flowers. The silver saucer is so lovely as well. I'm going to have to check out the Private Collection tea, sounds delicious and extremely healthy too :)

    Thanks for the tea
    The Year of the Cats

  8. I want that darn tea.
    Forget those other girls - I am a copy cat and drink your special tea.
    I have a strainer now for my yerba mate.
    but no gourd.
    gourds aren't free, you know.

  9. You are an amazing finder of treasure. I can't believe that silver pitcher was in the trash .... Even with dents! And I love the shape of the tea cups .... Really cool!

    I would love to win the tea ..... Peppermint is a favorite of mine :)

    Happy Tuesday! Cheers! Kimmie

  10. You SCORED on both finds! I wouldn't part with those cups either. They are sweet!

    Can I enter ANOTHER giveaway? I haven't fully enjoyed the zine yet (just got it yesterday!!!!) I DO love peppermint tea though. Iced for summer drinking. I leave it up to you. :)

  11. You do the most incredible things with rescued pieces. Those cups and saucers make a lovely table setting!

  12. You are a great treasure hunter/huntress...those cups are gorgeous...the colors would brighten any day!

    Happy T and International Women's Day to ya Pat

  13. Wow that tea sounds good - I wish we had a Kroger's here. (Like my tea collection isn't overflowing already!)

  14. The tea packet is funny. Sounds like something I'd write. DUH! Your tea set is very sweet...I can see why your having separation anxiety.

  15. Great Treasures Pat. I can see why you are keeping the tea cups. Even among the trash you find some treasures to rescue. Love it! Lennie

  16. What a beautiful set and I love your "throwaway" vintage piece! It all looks so lovely!!


  17. Love those cups and saucers, they're a fantastic find - as was that silver jug, WOW! Your comment about the added but unnecessary description on that tea bag wrapper made me giggle!


  18. Ended up picking 2 names -I really had too much mint tea!! Wendy and Amy won!!!

  19. My first time joining you all for tea - am having fun x