I am in the midst of a purge of my studio and basement area. I feel like I am always in the midst of that purge!!!LOL
                                                       I am
                                            giving away
               boxes of mixed media goodies  
from my personal stash of fabulous finds and  thrift store treasures. No two boxes will be alike - I can guarantee that!!! I can try to tailor it to your interests.

I have a self imposed deadline of next week, when my son arrives with his g/f and 25 of his friends for the 2nd annual descent of the urbanites campout!

I have way too many thrift store treasure finds, rusty things, ephemera, vintage bits and pieces, quilting fabric old, vintage, and new,  flotsam, jetsam, bottle caps, shards of vintage china and pottery, interesting goodies found and dug up around the farm. I will NEVER get around to doing anything with them.

My son's g/f is an art school grad  mixed media artist, so she will undoubtedly end up with a box of goodies - if she wants one!!!

So, leave me a comment if interested- and send  your mailing address to ooglebloops at yahoo dot com.

Unfortunately, if you live overseas- I will have to ask you to pay postage-but I will squeeze what I can into a flat rate box, or First Class Int'l, which ever is least expensive. Within the US - all free!


  1. I love flotsam, jetsam and all of the other goodies listed. Sounds like a fun giveaway. Count me in, please!

  2. ok........your always so generous with your comments, and now good stuff, too....x0

  3. Oh wow, you are the Queen of Thrifting, so how can I not?! I am sure those boxes will be filled to the brim with interesting and useful "schtuff". Perhaps there will be something inspirational in one of them for my gourd that you recently and generously sent my way. I am still thinking about that -- getting excited as I go. Can't believe it's time for that annual urbanites campout again. Sounds fun!

  4. OMGosh! What an awesome deal. Free is always great! I'm a rusty, vintage image, fabric kind of gal. You are too generous. I really appreciate you and your blog, so this is awesome. I'm off to send my address.

    I remember reading about last year's urbanite campout. It was so much fun to see you all in your pasture.

  5. Please include me in your give away. That would be so much fun opening a package sent from you.

  6. Thanks so very much for such a generous giveaway. I am more than happy to help you purge!

  7. Lovely Giveaway! I am in! :) Thanks for letting me know.

  8. Well absolutely I'm interested! I'm glad you dropped by and left a comment. For some reason you were dropped off of my blog roll! :( So now I can put you back! Thanks for the comment and I'll see you soon!

  9. you temptress YOU!
    one voice says to me "are you crazy!" and
    the other voice says "Go for know you want it" ;)...
    I will let the universe decide and see if my name comes up as a winner haha!
    Got my Sketchbook today...sure is plain and flimsy...thanks again for giving me the nudge to participate this time're the best!

  10. Giveaway now CLOSED!!!!!! Thanks you all for "playing"!! Boxes are being put together and will be in the mail early next week...........

  11. I'm late for tea and late for your giveaway .... But you've already given me so much! I remember a few years ago I won the giveaway for one of your zentangles :)

    You are a dear, and I hope the descent of the urbanite is a huge success!!!

  12. You know I thought you were going to pick a name or two
    ...not EVERYONE being a winner!

    Sure was a fantastically fun box to open...I will be enjoying its contents for some time to come!

    Many many thanks my friend!