New Blog!!!

FYI, in case you're interested- I started yet another new blog, back over on Wordpress.

Don't worry, Artfully Oooglebloops will be continuing here - this is something totally different! I decided to go back to Wordpress, because of the issues I have been experiencing lately with blogger and photo placement.

Recently, I have been researching on, and have alot of family photos, as does my brother.

  I decided to start this new  blog as an homage of sorts, to my grandfather. This would be a way for my brother and I to compile each other's pics and info. And, in the process, create something that might be of interest, not only to family, but others as well.

The only person, other than my brother and I, who is closely related, and still around to remember my grandfather, is my mother, his daughter. So, before all memories are lost to the past, I thought I better get moving on this!!!

Among other things, my grandfather, Joe,  was an amateur bike racer (along with his brother, Walter). My grandfather qualified for the Olympics- but sadly, the onset of the War cancelled it for that year. Imagine how different his life might have been, had he participated, and maybe even won! This was back in the old days, when sports were played without steroids and chemical enhancements.

I hope some of you might find this interesting enough to become followers on my new blog

I am sure it would have pleased my grandfather to know people were interested (if only a little) in him!!


  1. sounds wonderful Pat
    you amaze me with what all you get into!
    Happy September Dear One!

  2. Your new blog sounds interesting. I will go check it out.

  3. Sounds neat--I'll check out your new place.