Tea on Tuesday



August is over - where HAS the summer gone.............I am not ready for summer and veggies from the garden to be over and done with!!!

For today's tea, I have pulled out my "August" Czech made mug, from the back of the cupboard. Maybe, that means I have too many mugs and teacups- since I forgot to use this mug any time during my birthday month!!!

                              But, the day before August is truly over, is better late, than NEVER!!

Whilst I sip my Lady Grey tea, I thought I would share with you some photos of recent swaps, gifts and finds.....

First, tho', I must INSIST that you all get up, and do

(Blogger still not recognizing my corrected, rotated, sized and saved version-aaagh!) 

Anyway, when you buy something online from Target - they enclose these directions for a happy dance, upon receipt of your package!!LOL I must confess, I did it!!!

Anyway- this was a wonder-full purchase from an artist on discovered on Seth Apter's The Altered Page

I was so taken by her beautiful illustrations- and when I saw this little notebook available in her Etsy shop, I had to buy it!!! I just love the little badger (she has a notebook with a dog also!)
Gillian McMurray, self described artist and craftsperson - creates beautiful things!!!

She has a blog also - please be sure to check her out!
I told her, it's so pretty, I don't even want to use it - but she said to use it, and then just remove the pages and put new blank ones in- good idea!! It was made to be used!!! Has a tiny little pocket in the inside back cover - I slipped her cute little moo card inside.
An online group I belong to, Art4Mail, was hosting a rug mug swap. One of my swap partners was very on the ball, and already mailed one to me!! She said this was her first rug mug ever - can't believe it - it's beautiful!! The theme was autumn, since her country does not have autumn- she guessed- not a bad job - love the little pumpkins, and purple is one of my favorite colors!!!
Thank you , thank you!!

For the uninitiated (and I was one) a mug rug is a 7"  x10" quilt, used as a placemat for a mug of whatever and a snack . Still working on mine - good thing they are not due for another month!!!

Judy, from Apron Strings , and I, did a one on one needlecase swap. I posted about mine in an earlier post.

This is the lovely one I received from Judy!!
With a cross stitched insert that she did 20 years ago- in a quilt pattern, no less!!
                                              Cute little ball button, with a hair elastic loop.

The little pin cushion pillow was made from a piece of her dad's old sweater :>)

The eyelet pocket was stuffed with a needle threader, and a packet of Tazo tea. The wool needle catcher has a red embroidered darning needle/dragonfly.
I'm already using it- I love it - and will tuck her email describing how it was made into the pocket!!
Thank you, Judy!!!
Last, is a thrift store purchase - why I keep buying quilt blocks, (or anything for that matter,) I'll never know - I am so far behind in quilting stuff!!!

But, these were a must have!!
 30 Feed/flour sack hexagons- with a couple of "newer" fabrics mixed in.
Have to decide how to put these together -but I put them out on the floor for the pic.

Not bad for $2.75!!
So, please, join us every Tuesday for tea
You'll never know what the topic will be!
A different tea on every blog post
We love visitors and comments the most!
If you love tea, and want to partake-
Join us next Tuesday, for goodness sake!!!
Please stop by Kimmie and Patty for a list of other tea fanciers!!


  1. What a great wake-up call for me, The Happy Dance, this fine morning.
    Loved your blog this morning. Great pictures. Lennie

  2. Yay that you got your August cup out in time! It is a very lovely cup. Who is the maker...does it say on the back?
    All your swap items are fab. I think your quilt pieces are amazing, lucky you!
    Happy end of August!

  3. I am so glad Aug is almost over, as maybe the heat will ease up a bit now. Love your cup and all the goodies you received. The flour sack material brings back memories. Happy tea day.

  4. Yeah, where did August go?

    Enjoy your tea.

  5. Love all your cool stuff, not to mention your wonderful poem!

  6. really lovely post Pat starting with the pretty mug you did NOT forget to use haha

    clearly your mailbox has been lots of fun lately!!!

    Happy sunny tea day to you...change does seem to be in the air with cooler nights...it's so nice to be able to have the windows open again!

  7. oh and I adore those hex's
    that was the theme of the latest swap I am in with the QB5 girls...one last one due in from NZ and we'll be ready to share

  8. Glad you are starting to cool down. I know I'm ready for August to be gone, because this has been the worst year ever (and more than likely will go down as the hottest summer EVER on record with only two 100 F or more days to go to break the old one set in 1936). I am glad you remembered that mug during your birthday month, because I think it's a beauty.

    Your mailbox has been SMOKING with goodies. And those feed sack quilt blocks are to die for. You are SO lucky to have that thrift store to go to. Happy tea Tuesday.

  9. It's never too late to use your birthday mug ... especially if it is a favorite! Isn't mail call wonderful? Your post has been overflowing! Happy Tea Day!

  10. I can't believe august is nearly over! Where did the time go? I love your august birthday mug :) .... And all of your goodies too! You are a magnet for cool stuff! Love the flour sack quilt blocks and can't wait to see what you do with them!

  11. Thank you for your kind words and for sharing the journal I made. I hope you enjoy using it :o)

  12. What a chock full post! I can't catch up entirely after being down from the hurricane, but I will appreciate all the things here in this post. I especially like your mug rug. Doing a 7x10" quilt is my speed these days! Also, Judy's little needle case is awesome, and meaningful using fabric from her Dad's sweater. That makes it super-special!

  13. sorry I am sooo late...was on my way to Sydney on Tuesday!! wow!! loce all the beautiful craft featured here!!! Happy week to you dear friend!!