Art House Co-op Sketchbook Tour 2011

The tour is over, the thousands of artist sketchbooks are back in Brooklyn!

The amazing folks at the Art House Co-op are in the process of digitizing ALL the books,

if you didn't get to go see the books at any of the tour stops around the US- you can now view them                                                                online!!!

                                                   Mine is now digitized!! Woohoo!!!

The only thing that could NOT be shown is my little hummingbird watercolor flip book tucked in a pocket at the end of the book (sigh). And, pictures put in the book sideways, are digitized sideways, (*note to self for next year!)
So, except for having to turn your head to see some of the pages, it's pretty cool!!!

Here's the link

I had no clue what I was doing when I started this. Now I have a better idea, and am hooked!
I have already ordered and received  my new sketchbook for the 2012 tour.

You can order one also, just go to the first link at the top of this post, and follow the path to ordering a sketchbook. There is a VAST array of talent on all levels- from virtual beginners (like me) to  extreme illustrators,  funky artists, moms and their kids, quilters, doodlers, watercolorists.

The tour will also go to Canada this year.

And, for participants in London and Melbourne- there will be tour stops there!!!

You have 'til October 31st to sign up!!!

DO it!!!!!


  1. Oh how wonderful and exciting Pat
    You and your book look fabulous!!!
    I got lost in that link and had to reclick to find my way back here lol
    You got yourself into quite an amazing project!
    Loved the nature theme and your zen doodles...the horse much great creativity!!!
    You should be over the moon about this all!

  2. I had missed the sketchbook Tour 2011 but I haven't feel bad because you have to provide here link for view sketches is great stuff from you.

  3. This early morn I finally took time for myself to visit and look at your entire sketchbook 2011 and it is amazing. I Loved every page and will read it many more times. You did a Mighty fine job! Lennie

  4. Hi: How wonderful be able to enjoy this Tour. I am so glad you got to do it. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  5. Here for a visit again this morning! My favorite is Joined at the Hip! And, I love your tribute to Miss Lilly of course. Fine Job! Lennie