Playing With Wool

Recently I joined an online group - Art4Mail- recommended by blogger friend Judy.

I have already mailed out a "spoolie" bird pin cushion- winging its way across the big pond!
I think I can safely post pics here - don't think my swap partner reads my blog!
I free hand cut a pattern using a coupon flyer from the Sunday paper - recycle, recyle!!!

Then, I dug out some of the hand dyed wool I have been hoarding (purchased from and created by Patty, years ago)
I had some wool strips left over from a rug hooking project,  knotted them together, and "wove" a bird's nest.
Then, took a vintage wooden spool, attached the bird in the nest (with some glue, and a wool strip attached to the nest and threaded thru the spool.)

The only thing I would have done differently, is to have sewn the bird closed on the bottom, instead of the top seam - brain wasn't fully operational at that exact point in time -for some reason!!
The little blue  bird has yellow wool wings, a cream colored breast, and vintage black snaps for eyes.

Now, how to ship the little twitter to arrive unscathed in England?

I just happened to have come upon a thrift store bird themed box - that was a perfect fit!!! That sturdy box, within another packing box should have made his trip comfy!!!

The other swap, was a one on one with Judy- a needle case.
She has already received hers, so I can post a pic!

Also made with some of Patty's hand dyed wool, and vintage thrift store cutter quilts, I fashioned this after one I have. 
Years ago, when I belonged to a wool group, called the Woolie Nuts(!) with Patty, Lennie, and Pat Sloan, we did several round robins.
One of them, was a wool needle case, which I LOVE, and use to this day!!!
Judy's is blanket stitched, with cotton batting sandwiched in between, a wool pocket, a quilt pocket, and a quilt pin cushion. There is a wool black eyed susan(one of my favorite flowers) inside and a red heart on the outside, with a strip of vintage tatting edging the cover. It folds wallet style.
Still having the issues, where blogger refuses to acknowledge that these pics were rotated, resized and saved. My new camera and blogger refuse to play nicely.. Oh, if only I were more computer literate.......

So, even tho they are upside down, you get the idea.

So, as summer winds down, sigh..........I'm dragging out the wool  to play again....


  1. I wish I had your talent!

  2. I too still use my needle case and Love the memories, those were fun days! Love what you have done with a birdie and the nest and you are so making me want to get out some of my wool from Patty too.

  3. Both of these projects are incredible. Truly lovely. I especially love the bird, but also the needle case is nice for those who hand sew (which I don't). That box is the absolute PERFECT thing to hold the bird. Looks like it was just made for your awesome creation.

    I can't believe you are already playing with wool when we are still in 100 degree F plus days here. Summer isn't winding down at all in my neck of the woods. Glad you are feeling lower temps, at least.

  4. Love the bird! BUT I love the needlecase even more...because it is mine. :) It was such a pleasure swapping with you. I hope yours arrives today. oxo Judy

  5. I love that bird pin cushion, nice

  6. Love your little spool bird and needle case, great little projects :)

  7. ooo how very very nice ... thank you also for the kind mentions Pat...
    my wool dying days were fun...
    I have just been wishing I had some forget me not blue wool for a project ... wonder if I have any kicking around here hah!

    What a fabulous birdie you tweet and your nest is really inspired too AND leave it to you to find the perfect box!!!

    What a lovely needlecase you have me itching to play with wool = oh no!

    thank you for sharing and inspiring so many of us...
    who knew those Woolie Nuts would still be going strong...
    shame you're not closer for those get togethers!

    Off to the post office to mail 16 postcards for a was easy peasy (not handmade cards)

    Happy Woolie Monday to ya!

  8. Fun projects! I love the bird in the nest .... And the needle case is fun too!