Late Afternoon Tea on Tuesday

Yesterday was my birthday - I will refrain from exposing to the world how OLD I actually am.....!!LOL

And, surprise - my gifts all had a tea theme!!!! 

                                                    get me a teacup!!!

First one was from Teresa:

                           Sorry, blogger is still not recognizing the fact that I HAVE rotated my photos!!!!
                                                          Thank you, Teresa!!!!!!

Next, was from my mom. She had a teacup that I really admired - and I told her never to sell it - leave it to me in the will!! Instead- she gave it to me for my b'day - along with a little spending $$$ to get more!!! She was afraid if she tried to buy me one, it would not suit my taste!!! Hardly...............

                               Neptune Belleek - probably the best, or 2nd best in my collection!!!
With the some of the spending money - as luck would have it- I fell into 10 more cups - at the thrift store today!!!!!! I went in to volunteer, and there they were!!!

                                              I REALLY need a new display cabinet now!!!!!

The best about this new collection- is that each c & s cost $2.60 each!!!! The little Wedgwood Peter Rabbit was 35 cents!!!

For those of us who have to turn the cup over to see who the maker is - I will indulge you with photos!!

For those of you not that enamored with teacup finds - I apologise!!!!! LOL
                                          But, it's my birthday week- so I can do what I want!!!


I found a pair of these white c & s's for a dollar each - they will go with my everyday mix and match white vintage china pieces!

                                                            I know, are we DONE yet????????

Also, found at the thrift store- a set of 4 Laurel Burch coasters.Perfect to set a scone upon....
( Again, sorry for Blogger's inability to rotate!!!)
AS I type this, you would think I am sipping tea out of one of these lovely finds!! But, no,I am drinking some very good oolong tea out of a cool hand thrown pottery mug (another one of my weaknesses - pottery)

I really think that blogger has something against my new camera. FB has the same problem, recognizing photos that have been rotated and saved- but at least FB gives the option to rotate- I have yet to find that function on Blogger. If anyone has a clue to how to do this - PLEASE let me know!!!

Other lovely non tea b'day giftees will be shown off in another blog post..but thank you, thank you, to everyone who took the time to think of me!!!!!

In the coming weeks, I will be announcing another teacup exchange - one of these thrift shop lovelies may make it into the swap. I'll keep you posted~!!!!

Altho, I am sure you have already been there- please visit Kim and Patty for a list of other Tea on Tuesday players!!!


  1. Birthday MONTH Lady!
    takes longer as you get a older to do all the celebrating for birthdays I find :)

    I enjoyed the tops and bottoms of each and every c&s...wowee woman you really hit pay dirt with those...I never see pretty cups like that at our thrift stores...but in truth I have stopped frequenting places of temptation like that LOL

    The cup and saucer from your Mom certainly ARE delicate and the seashells oh my!!!

    Enjoy Enjoy your Birthday Month dear Pat
    and happy T to ya too!

  2. Happy Birthday!!!! All your presents are so sweet! I love the teacup from your mom - that would be my favorite too!

    And at the thrift store ..... Wow! You really scored! You volunteer there some times don't you? It helps to stop in FREQUENTLY to find the wonderful things that you do!

    Have a beautiful birthday week/ month .... I'm sure it will be prolonged :)

  3. The seashell tea set is my favorite!! It is so delicate.
    How fun to pick up a bunch of new goodies for yourself. Who knows what we need most but oneself..right!?!?

  4. HAPPY Birthday!!! ooohh I LOVE LOVE these tea cups and Have a lovely time!!!

  5. Happy Birthday! You are one lucky girl to get tea cups and then to find 10 more beauties (did you go out and buy a lottery ticket too?)!
    O.k. they are all wonderful, but might I say that the Beleek is amazing? It really is. And are those two Shelleys in there as well??? For $2.60! Amazing! Now you can ask for a china cabinet for Christmas : )

  6. Happy Birthday Pat! hope you had a fabulous day. Lovely collection of tea cups. Can't believe the price for the wedgewood, lucky find.

  7. Terri - the two scalloped ones are NOT Shelleys- that was my first thought when I saw them, but their marks are shown below the cup in another photo. I do have a Shelley that is similar, that I received in a swap!!!

  8. You are certainly getting loads of mileage from your birthday, good for you! I am enjoying all of your tea cups, what a gold mine. Lennie

  9. What a great haul!!!

  10. Happy belated birthday. I am thrilled for you. You found some fantastic c & s's and the one from your mom is stunning. After Nathalie bragged she got tea cups and saucers for ten cents each, I told her we don't get anything at our thrift store for less than a dollar. Most are $4.98 and higher and that is for cups only. You did great. And they were all reasonably priced for what you got. I don't turn cups over unless I'm setting the table, but I guess I should start. Maybe I would learn something about cups if I did.

    Hope your birthday was happy. Sorry I missed it. I worked in my basement all day.

  11. A late happy birthday to you. You have some lovely teacups there, especially the one your mom gave you. I have never seen one quite like it.