Tea on Tuesday- Tea Tasting at Julieanna's

This post will be mostly a pictorial........attended a wonderful tea tasting on Saturday, at Julieanna's shop in Broadway, Va. A peachy ice tea, and little peach scones, with a free neck massage , and the opportunity to make a necklace. An order of some hand dyed scarves came in, and they were being tried on and purchased as fast as they came out of the box!!

So, as I sip my hot mug of yerba mate, on this beautiful, brisk August morn, enjoy your own cuppa and the tour.................( click on pics for a closer look)

                                                                    A peachy iced tea

                                              Peachy mini scones and traditional mini scones

         Color coordinated displays of mouth watering, gotta have 'em teapots, teacups, and jewelry

                           Above is a glimpse of my D/H awaiting his complimentary neck massage (I had one too)

                                  Need a vintage chapeau to wear to tea? - Julieanna's has them!!!

                                                      Sea glass beads and colors

                                                     The glorious scarves................

                                                           The models and buyers!!

                                               One of the necklace samples above and below

                                        Colorful array of supplies to make your own creation
My favorites - the birds - a wool bird perched in a tree branch with paper flowers crafted by Julie's daughter

                                                              Tea, tea, and more tea.......................

                                   Some vintage Godey's fashion prints, vintage and new teacups

My personal favorite and on my wish list - Lily of the Valley!And, oh, I just realized, the teapot is perched on one of my own hand crafted upcycled vintage Wedgwood pedestals

Julie and Susan know how to throw a party!! We can't wait for the tea room to be finished and open! In the meantime, shopping at Julieanna's and going to the monthly tea tastings and fall tea classes are not to be missed!
Also not to be missed - Kimmie's and Patty's blogs- to see what they are having for tea today - and to find a list of other tea fanciers!
Please feel free to join us for tea every Tuesday!!


  1. Wonderful pictures that captured the event. Loved every one of them and I want a necklace now. Did you make one? Lennie

  2. Everything is so well appointed at your lovely tea shop. I know it will be a big success because these gals have you out there shouting their praises and drawing blogland's attention to the store. And no wonder! I could get lost in that store and that isn't even with the tea and scones. Lovely post today.

  3. Fantastic treat in pictures Pat...and you're so right Julieanna's knows how to put on a perfect party!

    I was thinking the other day that I could wear peach juice as perfume...oh guess I'd be all sticky LOL...the smell of a ripe peach is so fantastic!!!

    Wish we were closer...that neck massage sounds perfect too!

    Isn't it nice to actually want something hot to drink...nice and different...I also Love having the windows and doors open a bit too...change is in the air!

    Happy T to ya Lady!

  4. Wonderful photos. Peach tea would be good about now--but scones are not my fav.

  5. I could poke around in that shop for hours!! The scarves are beautiful! My daughter is wild about scarves and has tons of ways to wear one ... She would have loved that!

  6. What a marvelous tea...! Visiting you and Patti always make me miss Virginia and the vast opportunities she offers.

    Happy tea day!


  7. Hi: What a wonderful store! I love looking at how people use tea cups to decorate. I use them all the time and it is always fun to get other ideas. I am glad you had a good time. Have a great day! Martha

  8. what a beautiful place! so many fantastic treats!!! happy t day, pat! thanks for sharing!

  9. Ooooo and Ahhhhhhhh...so much to drool over there!

  10. Oh, I LOVE tea! English Breakfast and Scottish Blend are my favourite. :) And I love to collect tea pots. OH, and raisin scones!

  11. Wow! That is a fabulous place! The tea cup is absolutely gorgeous. What a treat to use it.
    Mixing tea with massage and jewelry making??? Sounds like heaven to me!

  12. wow, you take me on such great girl trips.