Makin' Moo's........................

I have always loved little "moos"- A moo is a tiny 1"  x  3" business card, that you can slip in with your art, or in a swap of ACEO's or ATC, or just about anything.
I have received some beautiful teeny professionally printed works of art.There is an online company where you can have ones made up.

After reading Kimmie's  tutorial a while back, on making a MOO- I thought I would give it a try.

Altho' Kimmie suggested using cardstock for the backing, I used a cereal box!

Gathered together some of my vintage papers, ephemera, and artsy papers received in many online swaps, I cut the front off a Rice Krispies box.

A little Modge Podge and a Martha Stewart version of the same.
Ripped and cut assortment of papers artistically (!) placed and glued..
Since I used cereal box cardboard, instead of card stock, the back side was gray. To save time, instead of hand painting it- I spray painted it green and purple.
When dry, I marked it off in 1"  x3" sections. There were a couple of tiny Moo's and a couple of larger ones left over. I still used them - there I go, tweaking the size of Moo's!!

Cut them up, and put preprinted address labels on the backs.
I accidentally picked up labels that were 1/2"  x 1  3/4"-very tiny- and they were a royal pain for my DH to print with. The words would just NOT match up, no matter what. As a result, I could not have everything on there that I wanted.
I did manage to salvage enough of them to use. Next time, I must remember to read the fine print on the package!!

Silly me, I thought address labels came in a standard size.................

Here are a few of them hanging on a cute little thrift store wire clip mobile- which is going to be a great little gadget for displaying photos or ATC's!!

Like Kimmie did, I edged the rough edges with a colored gel marker, and used the Modge Podge to tack down some loose pieces.
And, voila- I have little MOO art cards to include in swaps.
Thanks, Kimmie, for continuing to inspire!!!!


  1. FAB==your work!
    +++fab===inspired by kimmie.

  2. lovely moos,

    it must have been heaps of fun to make them.

  3. I Loved Kimmie's and now I'm Lovin' your Moos too! Great job, a lot of work and creativity displayed here in these tiny Moos. Lennie

  4. golly gee you've been blogging up a storm AND creating too!

    Love Kimmie's inspiration for this and you really took off with it...your moos look great
    I may actually try that for my 3x5 index card size obsession of late

    still trying to catch up here

  5. These are great! Good to hear from you again:)