Barn Swallow Migration

Early Friday morning, as I sat at the computer, I heard a racket by the window.
Peering out - all I could see were barn swallows, swooping and swarming and chittering- above the porch roof and right past my window..

All thru the day, I saw hordes of them - which is unusual.
I typically see several pairs, at their nest boxes around the property, or in the early evening, zipping around the barn , catching an evening meal on the fly.

I can only assume, they are gathering together for an annual migration- sad to see them go.

I got a few photos of them, en masse, lining the electrical wires at the edge of my property. Even when it started to rain, they were there. The pix are not that clear, the wires are a distance away. Click on photos for a possibly better view!!!

Next to leave, will be "my" hummers - will be very sad to see them go!!!!


  1. Thanks for your changing of the seasons blog, Fall is not far away I guess.
    But I do Love the Fall. Lennie

  2. the winds of change...what a thrilling experience that must have been

  3. Yes, they are coming to visit me down here in Texas. We love them all! :)

  4. Yes, summer is slipping away--blah...

  5. Seems like we were just waiting for summer and now we see signs of it slipping away.....I do not like cold weather, so I would be happy if our temps were 60 and over all year long.