I Am Ripping My Hair Out.........................

.................or taking my Artfully Ooglebloops blog over to Wordpress.

I cannot deal with the issue of photos not appearing as they should in a blogger post!!!

I'm fed up- and I'm not gonna take it any more!!!!!LOL

Apparently, I am not the only one with this issue.
Blogger does not seem to have an option to rotate a photo, as in Wordpress or even Facebook, and it's driving me to drink!!!
It looks like people with Canon cameras (which I am now using) are having these issues. Not sure if it extends beyond Canon, or if this is a new problem that has cropped up in the last month or so..

The above photos were supposed to be part of tomorrow's Tea on Tuesday post, but as you can see, they are sideways!!
These are photos that were never altered, rotated, or otherwise tampered with - 'til they were posted here.

In reading others' similar questions - some solutions offered were to go  thru Picasa, and other things with  a whole bunch of aggravating steps which hardly make the post worth doing- way too time consuming and frustrating!!
Here is my question on Blogger's Help Forum:

"Whenever I put a photo in a blog post - I never know what position blogger will decide to show the photo. A perfect shot, never having been rotated, cropped, or changed in any way, will be rotated when put in the blog. Also, those photos which have been rotated and saved, then posted, are not recognized by blogger. There is no option on blogger to rotate a photo, as there is on Wordpress and Facebook. If I didn't think I would lose alot of my followers, I would be sorely tempted to move my blog to Wordpress - just to avoid pulling out my hair, every time I write a new post.
I admit to not being the most computer literate- but others having the same problem, leads me to believe the issue is with Blogger. Why is there no way to rotate a pic once it is posted in the blog? Please HELP!

Blogger, can you hear me?????????????????????????????????

TO BE CONTINUED......................................


  1. Oh! Please don't pull your hair out!! I know what you are talking about. Sometimes I don't put a tangle in the challenge because I can not get it to load properly. I thought it was just me and my computer illiteracy.

  2. I've not been happy with Blogger in recent months, either, but I'm not sure how to switch my blog over to WordPress and not lose anything in the process. Also.....how does it impact my list of followers? Please let us know if Blogger responds, but I'm sure whatever they say won't be very satisfactory!!!

  3. I am sooooo sorry...it is frustrating!!

  4. I know - it took me forever to reach 163 followers- wouldn't want to start from scratch again- but would hope I'd have enough "draw" to get all 163 to follow me elsewhere - like the Pied Piper.......LOL
    My threesixtyfive blog would have to go also- altho I am not there much anyway.

  5. I hope you find some answers.

    I took a look at WP for a football blog that I started, but decided I did not have the time to invest to learn a new system--I just used Blogger, but I don't use many images.

  6. Got a response, which I need my computer literate husband to interpret. Will keep you posted. It seems that this issue happens between blogger and Canon cameras, but not sure if it is a recent thing or happens with other cameras aso. If I resolve it, I will be sure to write a post about it!!!