Many of my friends and fellow bloggers  know that I am a veteran and dedicated thrifter!! I also volunteer at the thrift store- fun to do, and you also get to see the items as they come in. Plus, it's all for a great cause, and volunteering is good for the soul ! The only negative is-  I NEVER come home empty handed on a volunteer day...........LOL It's virtually impossible to work there and not buy!!!

The thrift store where I have volunteered for the past several years,( and hope to start putting in more hours soon), is Gift and Thrift, in Harrisonburg, Va.

Having volunteered at thrift stores in the past, what impressed me the most about G&T, is the size and scope of the operation, the dedicated volunteers, and the amount and quality of the donations that pour in weekly.

The majority of the volunteers are senior citizens, who come in on a regular schedule, put in their hours and do a great job in the different departments.

Aside from the paid supervisors (like Deb ) and the individual dept managers (like my friend, Linda), all the work is done by volunteers!

For the past 3 years, G&T has been voted by the community, as the best thrift store in the Valley- and for good reason!!
Mennonite run, proceeds from the store go to help support the works of MCC, here and overseas.

Recently, the local tv news channel came by for a visit.

Have a look!!


  1. Great that you volunteer there.

    Our family loves to find treasures at places like that.

  2. What a great video from your local news channel, they are amazing.Lennie

  3. Pretty amazing. Wish more were like that place. Enjoyed the video.

  4. Wow, that looks like a great place to shop. I love a well organized thrift store. I would probably come home with stuff too!

  5. That really is an awesome thrift shop! WOW. I work in a food pantry in my little town and I love seeing the people and feeling like I'm helping them in some small way. We haven't really handled clothes because dirty clothes and food don't go together but I love how well this is run by all.

  6. I enjoyed that video very much...250 volunteers is nothing to sneeze at!
    Also very impressive with all of the categories and such.
    No wonder you like it so much!
    p.s. thank you for my goodie box of are SO generous and thoughtful Mz P!

  7. What a lovely post. I enjoyed it very much. I often frequent thrift shops in search of little treasures for art pieces.
    Have a beautiful day!