Tea on Tuesday

Native American style herbal tea is on the menu for today!!! A Native American friend was selling her goodies at the local Autumn Festival this past weekend. I could not pass up the tea!!

I must also share this photo, of a tiny little pottery tea set- handmade- a thrift store find!! So cute!!!The little plates are a little larger than the size of a quarter.

Some happy snail mail this week - was a bird pin cushion, from an online Art4Mail swap.

This  soo cute little bird flew across the pond to me- a little bluebird of happiness, with embroidered details, out of wool and love- with a heart shaped tail.

The little cutie is perched on a powder blue pillow, and made for the swap, by Rosemarie of Dartford, Kent, England. Thanks so much, Rosemarie!!

Please drop in for a spot of tea every Tuesday- visit Patty and Kimmie for a list of other tea lovers.


  1. Is there a website for that tea? I would love to purchase some. Always looking for different kinds of new tea.
    Love the bird pin cushion. Love bird anything.:)
    Have a happy tea day.

  2. I thought I would try to get here early this morning before I have my tea. That tea sounds inviting and that tiny set of handmade pottery is darling. I have some small pieces, but they are from Taiwan (or Formosa), not hand crafted.

    Hope you have a great tea day and drop by if you have time. Of course, I still have to check the weather, since I plan to have tea on my porch today.

  3. That little tea set is the darndest cutest little think I've seen in ages. I want your eye (and your shops) for thrifting!

  4. you had me at Teepee Dreams ... ohhh

    I have wanted to do a "littles T" ...but certainly do not have a cute tiny set like that...great score once again!

    the bluebird is precious...the embroidery really makes it extra special...great swap!

    Happy T to ya! Drop by if you need some honey for your tea...I even used the pretty spoon you ordered for us from Mrs. Hardesty's :)

  5. I've seen those teas at my local high end grocery store .... Pretty pricey ...I'll take another look though:)

    Sweet little bluebird of happiness Pat!

    Happy Tuesday!

  6. Love the bird! So tweet.

    I'd love to try the tea...will have to google it.

    Sorry I am so late stopping by...seems to be the way my life is tuned here of late.

    Have a happy Friday! oxo

  7. Hello, Native American Tea Company here. Thanks for the blogpost. We really love our Teepee Dreams blend. Especially if you are a fan of Sleepytime Tea.

    Our website is NativeAmericanTea.com and our Facebook is facebook.com/nativeamericanteacompany.

    I'd be curious to know what high end grocery store that was!