We Will NEVER Have Cars in Our Garage..........

A friend used to kid me that I have never had a car in any of the garages  we have had! 
                             She's right - in our house, garages are meant for storage!!!!

                         Well, Carol- my 3 car garage was CLEAN for a whole 24 hours- 




D/H, aka, Mr. Green Jeans, rented a truck to help a friend empty out his mother's condo.The mother had passed away, the condo was sold, and the contents had to be removed.

This was all the stuff the friend did NOT want, and since Goodwill could not do a pickup in time,

 D/H brought it home.

      To our clean garage.............

I have spent the past few days (while D/H is in DisneyWorld!), sorting thru' the stuff. I have emptied ALL the boxes!
There are now several stacks of boxes ready to be loaded up in my car for donating to the thrift store; the kitchen counters are full of stuff washed, and waiting to be priced to go in the shop; a few things listed on Freecycle awaiting pickup; and there is a bunch of furniture yet to be unwrapped.

~Have a peek~

love this little chair - my mom said she had a similar pair when she first got married - but doesn't remember what they were called. I have tried researching under so many different names- but cannot find a similar style.
Anyone out there know what this chair is??? It is small, low to the ground, almost child sized, altho' I can sit in it comfortably.

Below, are several nice, but not my style, chairs. We will keep a nice, small, green wing back recliner. I had given it to my mother, but she was not strong enough to operate it......so, it's in my room temporarily.

Another piece of furniture I can't use below- a gorgeous, Ethan Allen (?) white on white cloth  6 ft couch. We don't do white cloth in a house with 3 dogs! It will remain in white plastic wrap 'til it finds a new home! Some of these pieces will be sold, to offset the price of the moving van.

                                  There is also a cute pull out bed/loveseat, of country blue gingham

                                                     Lamps or glassware, anyone?



I am keeping this cool old bridge floor lamp, with swivel bulb - if I can find the attachments to hang the shade. I found a company called Paxton online - but I would have to buy the shade and special socket attachment - which would run about $75. I did find a shade there, that I fell in love with, but I am going to try to hold out a bit for a less pricey solution.........I now know  why I see alot of these style lamps turned into planters or having bird cages hanging from them - it's too expensive to replace the shades!!!!

Well, hope you liked the tour of my once tidy (albeit temporarily so) house and garage.

           And, Carol, you were so right, my garage will NEVER house a car!!!!!!!!


  1. You've got some great stuff there. Our garage is my husbands right now as he hasn't built his work shop yet. This is the first house we've had a garage (2 car) and he has an antique car stored in it along with his old motorcycle, tools and all his fishing stuff. And he thinks I have a lot of stuff. LOL

  2. You could have stellar yard sale with this stuff.

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  4. And I'm having technology issues here in New Zealand.

  5. Very amusing post with an expectation of you pining away for an empty garage, but that never materialized. For sure, you are much happier with all the other stuff in there instead. The Queen of Thrifting needs a space at least as big as a double garage to welcome all valuable stuff in!

  6. That is nice of you to temporarily surrender your garage. We keep one bay open for a vehicle. The other side is either all storage or used as an extra play space for the kids during the blah winters up here.

    I hope you have a nice New Year.

  7. I wish I could have been there to help out...my garage does allow our cars to enter here in the winter months but we have stacks ...of stuff I need to go through. Happy New 2012 !!!! Peace, Mary Helen