Tea on Tuesday

This is actually a picture I took last Tuesday- it was supposed to be T.o.T. Part 2, but never got posted!!!
While searching for cassava, I found, not cassava, but a mother load of tea, in an obscure little shop in town.
DH waited in the car - he knew this would take a while for me to make a decision!!!
Well, a week has passed - I have tried the Egyptian Chamomile - it's good - with a hint of anise or licorice- very aromatic. The Scandinavian crispbread was a disappointment, as was the dipping oil. The crispbread was on sale - from $1.49 to 49 cents!!! That should have been my first clue!! I couldn't find an expiration date, and the store employees/owners did not speak much English. I figured it was worth risking 49 cents!! It was not!!! LOL

The TNT, is on the taste testing list for today - but I am a tad bit scared!!! From the description on the label - it is very potent, cures all ills, and is probably highly caffeinated!!! It comes in a roll, and you break off a disk to brew. As strong as it seems to be, I may break off a teeny portion of a disk!!! I actually gave one to a friend last week - I haven't yet heard what she thought!!!

So, here's hoping I don't end up bouncing off the walls today, since I live a relatively caffeine free life, as a rule!!!

Please join us for a cup of your favorite on Tuesdays, and share...............
Kimmie, Patty, Nancy- there's always room for more!!!


  1. It's always fun trying new things, can't wait to hear how you and the TNT get along ;) I am a cheap date when it comes to caffeine myself, my cut off is around noon, otherwise I am wide awake into the wee hours! The teas on the right look interesting too!
    ~*Happy Tea Tuesday*~

  2. I am a non-caffeine person (as much as possible), so I doubt I'd do well with that TNT stuff!

  3. Can't wait to hear more about the TNT, that name alone should tell you something.HA! Love trying out new things. I promise to get your package off this week, maybe tomorrow. Lennie

  4. TNT! That is just way to funny - no doubts there about what to expect from something called TNT!

    Happy Tuesday and joyous tea to you :)

  5. Hi Pat, nice to have tea with you, hope that the walls are soft if you have to bounce, how brave of you to try new things! Christen

  6. I know I'm a day late but this is a great quote for you Tuesday Tea gals:

    "You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me." ...C.S. Lewis


  7. Just popped in to say "Howdy"!
    Make sure you let us know how the TNT was, heehe!
    I drink decaf too. I had to resort to the hard stuff last week when I took some prescription pain meds for my back. I woke up in a fog and needed the full strength tea to face the day.
    I also love the quote by C.S. Lewis. Holly and I believe it to be true!!

  8. I love tea and am hooked on English Breakfast. Partly because my local grocery store doesn't carry much beyond Lipton (I live out in the boonies, east of Kansas City, MO). I would be skeptical of a tea that came packaged like Necco wafers! ha! Will you have a review by next Tuesday? :)