Behind Closed Doors....................

This post is inspired by a visit a while back, to Robyn's always interesting blog, Art Propelled

I have always been intrigued by old doors- their character, who has gone thru them, what they have "seen".

I have a similar interest in vintage mirrors- I wonder who has looked into the depths of this mirror over the years, whose hand held this one before me, what are the countless images this reflective surface has within itself.

Doors hold the same mystery for me- who has walked before? Sometimes it is just the decay of the portal that catches my eye. Other times it's the simplicity of the entryway, or the vibrancy of a colorful door in an otherwise mundane dwelling the makes me grab my camera. There are times when the whole door just comes home with me, much to the dismay of my husband, who only sees it as a candidate for the burn pile!!!!

Doors have held secrets in, and let stories out, simply by being opened and closed. Treasures are kept behind locked doors, and so are horrors. History and happiness also can be found within the 4 walls that the door stands sentry to.

Tiny doors to cabinets, roughly hand hewn, or artistically stylized, are keepers of life as well. Now, admit it, how many of you have gone into a friend's house , and sneaked a peek behind a closed door, or bathroom cabinet!!! LOL Will you choose what is behind door number 2 or door number 3 ???

There isn't anyone who has not walked thru a doorway of sorts, whether it is as simple as a rag across a cardboard box shelter, a branch in front of a cave, a massive wooden door made from hand cut timber, a simple porch screen door............................

My favorite door of late, is the door to the barn!! I wish I could locate all the door pictures I have taken over the years.

Do you have any favorite doorway shots? Share please!!!


  1. Very artistic and thoughtful photos!

  2. Your post shows a lot of thought about doors. I generally am not that contemplative about doors. I wonder "what is through that door?"

    I will have to see if I can find some of my door pictures to share with you

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  5. Cool pics! And finding pictures is pure torture! Good luck!!

  6. Love this post Pat!
    What I feel about doors you put into words SO beautifully and captured so well in your pics too!
    A talented German blogging friend Cynnie just do a post on doors and windows of Oberammergau
    I took a bunch of pics in SF a couple of years ago and in Frederick this year ... Love how you think Lady!

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