"New" Stuff

Put together some new inventory for Julieanna's- I should get busy and put some of it in my Etsy shop. At least, in Julieanna's, I know it is selling!!!LOL

I like playing around with orphaned, vintage pieces of china or cutlery- giving them new life, altering them into something else functional, quirky, or cute. 

I was making these business card holders out of vintage silverware, and Julie suggested I make a set- for place card holders. Great idea!!
Another great idea from "anon", Lennie- use them for an easel for a tiny piece of art! I think these would be great to display mini paintings, ATC's, zentangles , maybe even twinchies!

Here they are:

The place card holders kind of look like a piece of odd art just stacked together!


  1. I do so Love your art with vintage cutlery Nice going. I have a similar fork that I use to hold kid's art as well as a great way to display a small framed photo. Lennie

  2. What a neat idea -- vintage little easels! I love the sculpture they make when stacked. You are very inventive!

  3. fabulous bending Pat ... so kewl seeing them all together too!

    I have a fork I use as a recipe holder ;)

  4. You didn't use your teeth? HA!!

    Love it

  5. This is a wonderful idea Pat .... it would be perfect for little picture frames too

  6. Yes, Kimmie - your little art treasures would look perfect on one!!!:>)

  7. Couldn't for the life of me figure out the bent fork till I saw the other pics!! How cleaver!! AND that Barb....she thinks she's funny!

  8. Clever! These are so cool and such a wonderful "twist" on these forks.