Tea on a Rainy Tuesday

It is finally raining!!!YAY!!!! Not a torrential downpour, mind you, but rain, nonetheless. Hopefully enough to soggy up the parched grounds around here. Puffs of dust float up with every footstep, and the grass crunches underfoot. Weeds grow quite well, hardy little things- my lavender loves this weather - but that is about it!!!

So, rain, and lower temps call for a hot cup of tea this morning - English Breakfast it is!!!
Instead of showing you my cuppa - I'll "bore" you with some of my yard sale finds from over the weekend- it was a banner day on Saturday!!!

The first one - and one of my favs - is appropriate for Tea on Tuesday - it is a square of handpainted silk. It came a bit wrinkled, so it may be hard to see the picture- it took me a few minutes to realize this was not just an abstract splashing of paint on silk. It is actually a teapot!!!! Once I get around to pressing it - I will have to take another photo, so you can really see it!!

The next fabric is a rather odd one - little headless girls in each corner - with the head in the center of the fabric - not quite sure what to make of this!!!LOL You can click on it for a closer look.

Above is a delicate English teacup, with a hairline crack - probably will become a pin cushion. It is sitting atop a vintage Roseville pottery bowl,still usable, even tho it has a tiny chip on the rim. The littel squash pitcher was just too cute to resist!!!
Below, from a local Goodwill, another English bone china teacup, some vintage Glasbake molds, teal Melamine cups and bowl, a vintage Limoges hand painted bowl, a stamp for my collection, all sitting on a like new lazy susan for the studio!!!

Above - a ton of miscellaneous treasures - a Reed & Barton coffee (tea?) pot, a brass teapot, and a cute FTD morning glory teapot- none can be used for their original purposes due to slight damages, so they will be turned into planters and wind chimes.

Next post, more fabulous finds from the Saturday sales!!

Enjoy your tea, please feel free to join us on any Tea on Tuesday!! We love new participants. Please visit Patty and Kimmie for a list of the others who come to tea each week!!


  1. Wow, I want to go to your yard sales! I don't know if it's me, but I suspect it is. You just have a knack for spotting these treasures, and I never seem to be able to do that. I am in love with your "Morning Glory" teapot! I have morning glory flowers every year in memory of my Grandmother who always had them climbing strings on her old-fashioned front porch -- a favorite memory.

  2. Some of the "knack" in some of these pics has to go to a friend of mine - who picks for me!!! I manage to do quite well on my own - but she supports my "habit"!!!LOL

  3. ~what fun treasure you have brought home...the silk handpainted...beautiful! and the roseville pottery bowl...lucky one are you to find such a piece...enjoy your rainy day tea!! warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  4. This is my third try at posting to your blog. It seems I can't sign in. But here I am again, hoping the third time is a charm.

    Your yard sale and thrift shop finds are just that: real finds. And knowing how you will use them when you buy them is even more special. Happy Tea Tuesday.

  5. WOWEE Woman ... you are such a great treasure hunter!
    such lucky pieces to be rescued by you ... next step your magic touch!
    Happy T Tuesday to ya!
    the rain was wonderful!

  6. glad for your rain! and your saturday treasures are just amazing! that headless girl drawing is just a trip! please show us the planters and windchimes you make from the teapots and saucers and stuff - you have such great ideas of how to recycle these things!

    Happy T today!! Kimmie

  7. The Reed and Barton pot is wonderful!!!! Be sure to post a pic of its reincarnation!

  8. Wonderous finds indeed, happy tea to you Pat, and glad for your rain and cool weather! Christen

  9. Great finds!... I want to see what you do with the tea pots!

  10. great treasures, love your delicate tea cup!

  11. I love treasure hunting and what treasures you have found! Glad you got some rain...we are about to get some as well, hooray!

  12. My mom had (maybe still has) those teal melamine cups and bowls. how fun!