Rummage Treasures, Part 2

Just a few more of the treasures from last week's yard sales...................................

A pair of vintage, linen, starched hospital bed sheets. Can't imagine these being on a bed in a hospital today - Linda thought they were from a local hospital, but appear to be marked from a veterans' hospital. I would guess turn of the last century. One is perfect, the other has age stain along the top. If I can get that stain out, I am thinking of turning them into curtains, without having to cut into the wonderful fabric.Hmmm, did they have linen sheets during the Civil War?

Great old wire planter/pot basket. Too bad the 6th pot was missing!!!

Above is a gorgeous 9 patch(?) quilt top - made of what appears to be "satin" lining material. It is soo pretty, but so impractical, because I don't really think this fabric is machine washable. I would love to send this out to be machine quilted, but not really sure what I will do with it. If it ever got a spot on it, I would have to scream!!!LOL

Not sure about this pretty ribbon mesh - looks like it was meant to be a poncho of sorts- but I'm thinking it would look cool draped over a lampshade.

Some kaleidoscopes (see previous post) a signed Puerto Rican print (now hanging in my guest bathroom), and a cool Moroccan bottle.

Not sure if I showed this in a previous post- but this was from the same "haul"!!! There was just so much "stuff", I forget!!! This is a vintage hand tied whole print quilt- not the best colors - but very warm. My nephews will be sleeping under this one and another I found a while back, when they come to visit at the end of the month!

I bought this candle set (75 cents!) just to get all the "coins" scattered in it!!!!

Well, time to go clean/purge the basement - this last weekend's finds have kind of tipped the scales on me having a bit too much stuff!!!LOL Definitely time to re- open and restock the shelves in the eBay, Etsy and land shoppes!!!!!!


  1. What fun finds.....I sure miss garage sales..

  2. Great haul! The satiny quilt top look like it was made from racing silks! (probably not, but could make for an interesting theme in a room) And I LIKE the colors in the other quilt you bought. Soft and vinatge-y.

  3. Nathalie- it is more like the material used for the show ribbons- but good call!!!

  4. Love seeing all of your treasures!!!

  5. Lovely finds, love the two quilts and wire planter basket.

  6. Lovely finds and treasures ...I love Wednesdays because we get a 25% discount at our Goodwills. I never know what I will find...and have ready to alter in my studio. Joyful!!! treasuresto cherish. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart