Tea on Tuesday

It has been so hot here, that iced tea is usually the drink of the day, and night!!!!

I have seen enough days of 90 degree temps to last me for a long while! And, we need RAIN!!! I keep hearing reports of several towns nearby getting torrential downpours, and hurricane style winds, while we have nothing in the form of precipitation!

My daughter went to work yesterday, and found the building partially flooded- a leak in the roof, and heavy rains during the night. We had none of it - and we are a mere 10 miles away. The mountains that surround us, do a very good job of redirecting the rain clouds. It is almost like the clouds get stuck on the treetops and never float this way.

We did finally get a brief downpour of about 10 minutes yesterday - instead of cooling us off, it turned the evening into a total sauna!

I have managed to get in early morning rides while it is still cool enough for the horses (and me) but, have not managed to get down to the garden in a few days! After days of  pickling, and freezing, and canning, and working with the crate of peaches the other night, the phrase from Gone With the Wind - "....tomorrow is another day..." is how I look at that garden lately!!!LOL

This has been one of my favorite teas lately - iced green tea, with fresh mint and lemon balm from the garden. My cool little green checked melamine iced tea spoon is from The Farm Chicks. Paired with a dark chocolate biscotti, and set on a vintage hand painted Lefton snack plate- time to sit back in the wicker rocker, on the porch, and rest for a while!!! 

Please join us- and visit the others- see the list of participants at Kim's blog.


  1. It has been oppressive here, too. When I heard our temps were going back to the 90s, I felt like a cold front had passed through. I know this heat has been so depressive lately and while 90 sounds cool to me, I know it is all in what we get used to.

    I'm always surprised by weather patterns and how it can be pouring rain across town and not even wet the car windshield in another area. Nothing is more evident than a tornado, which hits one street and not another.

    Your fresh produce looks awesome and your tea herbs sound yummy. My garden has basically burned up, even though I've tried everything to save it. I'll appreciate yours from afar and sigh as you enjoy that lovely cantaloupe in a few days. Happy Tea Tuesday.

  2. Very cool pictures!! Hope you get some rain soon, we finally got some much needed rain yesterday. Hopefully things will green up again before the fall weather.

  3. beautiful horsey picture
    yesterday was especially humid after our rain ... a real hot box ... I'm with you ... cooler crisp air will be delightful

    it must be so satisfying to look at your canned goods ... it has been many years since I've done any canning many many!

    "tea" is ready on my back porch :)
    Happy T to ya Pat!

  4. It is frustrating when you desperatly need rain & have none- today has been one of those days...rain macs on then hot beating sun appears & you have to carry your rain coat & get all hot & bothered !
    My son is making me a cuppa as I write this - lovely xx

  5. I know that feeling of being harvest weary! I think I am finally sick of zucchini!

  6. you have been such a busy lady! we just came home from the heat & humidity and it was in the high 70's here yesterday, a welcome break!!! happy t tuesday to you and your beautiful horse...give that sweet, soft, horse nose a rub for me...

  7. your country life sounds so appealing to me!!! your canned goods are simply beautiful! and I KNOW that is a LOT of work .... hot work! stay cool .... I hope you do get the rain you need soon!

    Happy T today! Kimmie

  8. Nice post... even early in the morning here, it's too hot to do much of anything outside... except maybe go from building to car and back again...

  9. News said we are approaching another drought here. I watered an outdoor plant and the 4 dogs next door drank all the water from its saucer. Will we be getting pics of your tomatoes?

  10. You sure look busy....hopefully it will rain some for you....to cool things down.