Tea on Tuesday- Last Day of August...........

Summer's almost over, altho'  you couldn't tell by the temperatures we have had here lately!

I am still "abed", with my mug of chamomile tea, a good book, and two dogs who are playing lazy today also!
                                    (two reasons why I will never have a nice bedspread on my bed!)

I am re-reading a book sent to me by a good friend, and fellow apron fanatic, Lennie. The Apron Book, by EllynAnne Geisel is a must have, if you love aprons!

It has stories, memories, photos, and patterns of aprons. The vintage aprons from the author's collection are to die for!

There is even a pull out pattern in the back of the book, and other patterns within the pages.

I am using a cute little bookmark, sent to me by Lennie's daughter, Diane- a piece of scrap quilt fashioned into a blanket stitched kitty. Thanks, Diane and Lennie!!!!

I also received a belated b'day gift in the mail - tea time chimes!!!! They are now hanging out back by the picnic table. Thanks, Evan!!!
Well, staying in the bed doesn't last very long- would be nice if it did.............................time to get moving- chores to be done, animals waiting on me to get moving!!!
Please feel free to join us for Tea on Tuesdays any time - and visit Kimmie and Patty for a list of other who come to tea!!


  1. Oh, how wonderful to awaken to read your lovely post this morning, dear friend. I loved every word and I too re-visit that same book from time to time. Happy you are still enjoying it. Lennie

  2. The pictures are great, as always! Can't believe it's the last day of August...where did the time go? The book looks wonderful, have a great day my friend...

  3. Love the dog lounging photo. We have been able to keep our new big dog off the bed thus far--so the bedspreads have survived.

  4. Love the little kitty, and of course the chimes too! I love all chimes. Giggled at your reasons for not having a nice bedspread!

  5. Your bed will never be empty with these darling angels sharing it with you. What a great way to enjoy your tea today. That book sounds delightful and that tea pot windchime assembly is adorable. I see you are now hard at it, so hope you had an really enjoyable extra few minutes in bed this hot Tea Tuesday. And YES, it is still hot here, too.

  6. I love a good hot cuppa every morning and evening. Nothing like a hot cuppa of Earl Grey or Scottish Blend to kick start the day. :)

    Glad you're joining us for Sunday Sketches. Do make sure to grab the button and place it on your sidebard. You can find it in the art co-ops tab at the top right of my blog.

    Also, you would only sign up on Sundays when you have completed your art. Let me know if you have any questions. :)

    Welcome aboard. So glad to have you. Hugs!

  7. What a lovely book - I'm so glad that aprons have made a comeback - something very homely & comforting about them.

    As for cooking Mackerel - you cut off their head & tail - don't gut them - squease lemon juice on & black pepper - wrap in foil & bake in the oven. That's how my mother cooks them - I've never cooked them so was hoping to catch some to try ! next time !

  8. Must keep my eye out for that book .. I have a thing for aprons too ... AND is was in bed later than usual this am ... but not with any warm furry friends ;)
    Happy T to you dear Pat!
    word verification: "demonamp" golly gee!

  9. OOhh, its a dog's world! :) thanks for a lovely post! Happy tea Tuesday! Love the tea cup chimes btw!

  10. Wonderful book! I saw recently another book of darling aprons made from vintage pillowcases - OMGoodness! those were soo cute! makes me want to COOK!

    Happy T today! Kimmie

  11. Yeah...my dog makes it impossible to have a nice spread too... I adore those chimes!

  12. The book looks interesting Pat, so inspiring...makes me want to sew an apron myself as I love them....and the dogs are sooo adorable...stay happy...

  13. Do we really need a fancy bedspread....No! I would rather share a quiet moment with my canine companion and my cat and my dear family!!! You have true love! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  14. LOL on your "never have a nice bedspread." I feel that way about our couches. We HAD the Aussie trained "off the couch, on the floor." THEN we ended up with the daughter's in college dog. SHE thinks the couch is hers. ahhh - after awhile you just give up. grin. Life is to be lived, not controlled. Right?

  15. We've lost one couch also - to my daughter's dogs....