Tea on Tuesday

Last week, the bluebirds had returned, the temperatures were in the upper 60's, the horses were enjoying the warmth- as was I, and last night we had a mini ice storm! Today, the temperatures are in the 20's-30's, and everything is covered with a gloss that closed the schools and makes driving (or even walking out on the front porch) treacherous!

As I sip my tepid, yet energizing yerba mate tea (and yes, I am using the gourd and cane straw!), I watch the birds tussling for seed outside my basement door. The sliding screen door to their usual feeding station upstairs was iced shut!

Enjoy these photos from this past week- that went from warmth, to heavy winds, to forest fires( which made the air smell like the inside of a wood stove) and finally to coating it all with a glossy sheen. Sigh.........

Smoke from the Peak Mt area- probably started by high winds downing a tree which fell on a power line.....

Below is that same view off my front porch, the next morning, after the smoke blew away

Then, the wind changed direction, and a whispy cloud of smoke emerged.

Bringing the haze and smoke that  spread and hung over everything.

This morning (above), the smoky haze is replaced with a snowy/ rainy /sleety cloud cover.

I am going to walk out later and check to see if my old lilac bush has any buds-that will cheer me up with the promise of true spring around the proverbial corner..............

Please feel free to join us for tea on any Tuesday - drop by Kimmie and Patty for a list of all our tea partiers!!


  1. After our freeze we had some fires too. Dangerous time of year sometime isn't it. I think we have had our last freeze. I hope so as all my seeds have germinated and are thriving in this spring like weather. Hope you warm up soon. Stay safe and warm! Happy tea day!

  2. The sun is now a shining and the snow and ice a melting. Lennie

  3. I'm really quite impressed with your view, even with the smoke. I was surprised by the newly fallen snow from this morning, though. Sounds like you are having a rough time around your place. I hope things get better soon in your area.

    I'm having trouble typing, but I finally got my Tea Tuesday post up. Have a great day, even if the tea is a bit tepid.

  4. Happy T day to you Pat...wasn't the 2-8 inches of snow they threatened last night...saw a gaggle of robins over the weekend...spring IS coming...just not quite yet I guess

  5. Brrrr, perfect day, well any day is for a cup of energizing tea. I live in So. Cal so we don't get to experience the shivering weather you do. This is my first Tea on Tuesdays so it's wonderful to meet you Pat. Please stop by for a cup of tea at my house where it's a little warmer.

    The Year of the Cats

  6. you have beautiful views! be sure to let us know about your lilacs ..... I have a lilac that has a few leaves popping out ..... only on the branches that rub up against my kitchen window .... it must be getting some warmth from the house, or maybe it's my kitchen light .... anyway - spring is coming - we know that for sure! we had snow today too - and the kids were sent home early. That's a first!

  7. Lilacs!! They don't bloom here until June!!! Be careful on the ice!! We got lots of snow with a tiny glaze of ice and then more snow Sunday and Monday.

  8. I ran my air conditioner yesterday and you have snow! What a difference a few states can make!

    All the smoke in your mountains is so said...knowing where there is smoke there is fire. (profound, yes?)

    Hopefully I will get back into the Tea on Tuesday routine...

    Have a lovely day, Pat.


  9. Happy Happy day to you dear Pat!THanks for sharing the beautiful views....

  10. You. Are. Super. Duper.
    I got my envelope of tea from you today.
    Girl. It Made my day.
    Initially, when I ripped the package open, I saw the dried tea and I *gasped*. That gasp was because I thought some smarty pants had Mailed Pot.
    I didn't know what to think.
    I wasn't thinking entirely bad things about this development though - as I have had a trying day...
    It's tea.
    Not pot.
    And that's good, as it keeps us both out of federal prison.

    Because, really, I am not absoposilutely certain that I could hold my own in the big house. You??

  11. G'day Pat ~ What excellent captures of the atmosphere. You write beautifully ...

    So enjoyed my cup of tepid with you...

    TTFN ~
    Have a beautiful day ~