A Quilty Tea on Tuesday

Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of attending one of Julianna's evening tea classes. 
                               Altho', this one had a different twist!

The ladies decided to have a tea version of a dinner theatre, by staging a mystery theme tea party-
                                     THE CASE OF THE CRAZY QUILT CAPER
We all received printed invitations, and when we arrived - the room was hung with an assortment of gorgeous vintage quilts. The quilts were owned by Julie and Susan and were made by their mothers, grandmothers, and husband's grandmothers.

Several attendees volunteered to act out a part (I was NOT one of them!) Quillinda, the Quantam Quilter (portrayed by shop owner Julie), was trying to discover who stole Grandma's prize winning quilt from the quilt show. It was a  fun  evening- I did not guess right - actually, only one person guessed who stole the quilt!!!

This mystery was from a script from Maxine's Mystery Tea Parties

Here are more than a few photos from that evening! You can click on all pix for a closer look.

All tables were beautifully set!

The tea room part of Julieanna's shop is a work in progress- it is not quite ready to be opened. So, the quilts hanging managed to cover up the unfinished walls quite well!! The shop is housed in an historic building, owned by Julie. We all can't wait for the tea room to be opened!

Julie (above) played the part of Quillinda, mistress of the quilt show and quantum quilter!

 Each place setting had a tiny teapot pin, made by "grandma", a wooden spool place card with a  name tag. The mix and match teacups were so gorgeous! Quilt theme items from the shop were brought in to double as centerpiece decorations.

                                                                    My friend, Judy

                                                        Our table's beautiful decorations

                                               My little place card - which I got to take home!!

                                        Simple decorating - fabric squares angled across the center of the table - a piece of orphaned china repurposed into a fancy pin cushion, a sewing scissor chatelaine (I'm making one of these!)
                                                Teapot lapel pin (some are still available at Julieanna's!)

Above is "my" lovely teacup
Another teacup fitting in perfectly with the backround  vintage embroidered quilt
                                                                     First course!! ham and apricot pinwheels, fat quarter sandwiches, pineapple flower sandwiches, cucumber cups with tzatziki.

                                      Raspberry scones - forgot to take the pic before I dove into them!!LOL

                                                Key Lime mini trifle and minted strawberries and pound cake
                                                        Chocolate- a perfect ending!

I hope you enjoyed "attending" the tea mystery party with me!!!
Please join us for tea every Tuesday- drop by to visit Patty and Kimmie for a list of all the tea partiers!!


  1. So happy to see you back at T Tuesday Pat!
    And what a lovely and special tea time you've shared...really fantastic down to the last detail...you have got my mouth watering too!

    Hi to you and Judy...wouldn't it be great if Julieanna's was open for tea in July! Can't wait to visit either way.

  2. Oh my...such a lovely post with so many beautiful photos. I wouldn't have known where to look next!

  3. The quilts are fabulous.....what a fun post!!

  4. Looks like this would have been a lot of fun! We've done a mystery on a train and in a dinner theater and really had a good time.

  5. Oh, my! A tea party and quilts. Sounds like a perfect day! Delightful! Happy Tea Day!

  6. Very, very cool!! Looks like it was a fun event! All of the details are so perfect! Tell the gals they did a fabulous job!

  7. Oh my gosh! Fun, Fun, Fun! Fun with a capital F! And key lime anything, yum! What a great gathering. Best wishes, Tammy

  8. Oh my goodness but this looks like so much fun! The tea setting is lovely with all those pretty china cups and plates. And the artwork (quilts) on the walls a pleasure to look at.

  9. How cool was that "quilt show/tea party"!!
    Everything looked fantastic!

  10. Oh lovely, lovely meeting! Those decorations are just amazing, and those quilts!!! Beautiful!

  11. wonderful idea to showcase quilts and have tea together, and how lovely to cover the bare walls with the quilts, looked lovely... happy t day to you...

  12. and this lovely event with mouth-watering things to eat came out of Broadway, Virginia???!! Don't let anyone tell you that we are just a little podunk blip on the map. I'm impressed with the event and the pictures and the food sounded wonderful. Invite me next time!

  13. That looks like it was so much fun!! And the quilts are so beautiful! I love all of the star patterns .... Amazing, especially since i'm sure much of that work was done by hand! What a fun tea post! I'm so glad you could show us!

    Cheers, kimmie

  14. ohhh there's so much in this post and I'd say everything is soo pretty!! son't know where to start but love love the quilts and teapot lapel pin etc...happy week to you dear Pat...

  15. Great quilts and adorable decorations!

  16. What a wonderful tea party, the dainties look so lovely! I just love the table settings :) the gorgeous china piece beside the flowers and the scissor holder? Awesome! Happy Tea Day and thanks for sharing the fun pics :)

  17. I've missed your posts and this one will take me a few visits to thoroughly digest all the goodies you have shown to us. Great pictures and what a fantastic event. You and Judy look great among all those quilts. Lennie

  18. Looks like a fabulous time! Beautiful quilts and what a lovely tea! So glad you were able to make it...I can surely understand why taking a picture of the raspberry scones was an after thought. :)

    I've been up to my ears in grandkids the past couple weeks so little time for computer so I've skipped tea on Tuesday.