Fabulous Finds

I got a call Sunday morning from a couple who have wonder-full yard sales!!! They decided, since it was a lovely day, to just have one spur of the moment this Sunday.
Took me a while to get there, but get there I did- and discovered some more great stuff!!!
I even went back today,(without the husband) to pick up a very cool old door, and have some other items being held!!!LOL  SSSSHHH!!!!

Here's what I got on Sunday: It's just a plain old rusty gear from some old farm implement- I placed it on top of a burl scavenged from my woodpile- now I have a rustic centerpiece (!) for the picnic table!!! Love it!!!

Hard to see, but above is a handmade skep/ cloche/ topiary frame of chicken wire, temporarily covering the light! The little finial is a rock from near Lake Huron, Michigan. I got 2 of these.

This size 4 watering can was a must have- as you can see in the next photo, it is now leading the parade of watering cans along my front porch!!

2 dime sized flower frogs for my collection- too cute to resist!!!Yes, I know they are pictured with a nickel!

There was also a cool rusty chair, now on my porch- but still haven't come to terms with blogger on rotating photos.GGGRRR!!!

The scale is rusty, the numbers long gone, but it still kind of works! It was destined for the barn, but after I hung on the  porch for its photo op-  I think I will leave it there!!!The hummingbird feeder is down for the season - the hook needs something on it!!!!

More to come................................


  1. Very cool! Sounds like my kind of yard sale! Looks like you had fun!

  2. I hate to admit it...I think I am a wee bit jealous. You have found such lovely lovely rusty time telling items. I love this sort of yard sale...you never know what you will find! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. What a clever center piece for your table....love your watering cans...yep...you did good!

  4. Looks like you got some treasures. The watering can would look good here as well.

  5. Some good finds. I love the scale and your collection of watering cans.

  6. ooo you did find some fabulous treasures...I am especially drawn to your frog and watering can collections!

  7. Great treasures, All of them. And I too am a wee bit jealous. I Love your watering can collections and if I ever part with mine, they will go to you know who!!!! Lennie