Is It a Wood Sculpture or an Bug Dwelling?

My blogger friend Michelle, who is from Poland, creates some wonder-full art, journals, and jewelry.

I just checked her blog this morning, and fell in love with this great box she created!!!!
It is a garden bug house - but I would love it just as a piece of art!!!

Since I am so easily distracted- I think I will head out to the woods today, and the wood pile, to gather pieces for my own little wood shrine. Even tho' it is a bit chilly, I know there will be starter bugs already residing within the pieces of wood!!! 

There is a stray piece of firewood, just outside my basement door, with an artsy grouping of fungus attached, that would be just PERFECT for this!!!And I already have a small cache of lichen covered bark I salvaged from the wood pile!

It will be a cool wall hanging for the barn!!!!

I tried to show one of her photos, but could not - so visit her blog (link above), tell her I sent you, and check it out!!!


  1. Trust me...the little insects will love this home on the range...home in your yard. Have a great weekend. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Just caught up on all missed posts after being away, and have enjoyed the urbanites in residence! Love the photo, the other two are smiling but you are not. giggle. Have fun!