Found Objects Insect House

As we all know, bugs will live just about anywhere!!

They are not choosy....any rotting stump will do!!!

Places you do NOT want them to live,  work well for insects also!!!

Recently, I came discover,  there are people out there, who like to create homes for insects.

Well, now, I am one of them..........................................!

After writing about Michelle's wonder-full bug houses, in a previous post, I decided to try one myself.
Mine is no where near as artsy, or symmetrical as Michelle's. I did not cut anything to fit exactly in the box. Her advice was to just  tightly pack (jam it in there) all the items, so that when you turn the box over, nothing falls out.
I did that - altho, I only very gingerly tipped the box over, to test it. It's tight, but, a few bugs will most likely be able to dislodge the objects after a time!!!

Sunday was a nice day, and I wanted to keep John company, while he was grazing out back. So, I gathered my pile of found objects and sat out back with him.

My bug house filler consisted of twigs, book pages, a piece of wool, rusty nails, bullet casings, old wood, bones and teeth found in the field, some bamboo, and a few other pieces of woodland detritus I have gathered.

This is the first box below, dug out of the old shed (seen behind John). After looking at it, I decided it was a bit too big, too heavy,  and too ambitious for my first insect home!!! So, I will save this one- to be cleaned up and rubbed with linseed oil for a future use.

The box below is a freebie - a Korbel Brandy box from the trash- I took the lid off - perfect size for a starter bug hotel!!!

  This is one of the many bones and animal parts discovered in the garden and woods.

The workbench, with a found jar and some of the gazillion English Walnuts on our property

                  Finished- with some lichen covered bark and weathered raffia as roofing


                                                         Closeup of the upper "levels"!

Final location - my old American Beauty red wagon, with another bug house (never made it to a tree to house a bird!)

**You can click on the photos for a closer look - I notice blogger has a new way of showing them when you click on one.


  1. Very creative idea. The teeth really stand out in the overall arrangement.

  2. Way, way cool cool cool!

  3. that is cool, even if I don't like bugs......are those teef?

  4. You could make art out of anything!

  5. Well you really got busy and what a fabulous creation...the jaw bone and teeth are way kewl!
    Love the whole thing
    You must be so pleased with how it came together
    I have to giggle that you can take your bug house for a 'ride' in that super rusty wagon if need be LOL
    p.s. I HAVE to go pack...boy do I ever put that off til the last possible is going to feel strange not spending any time in our fav town (SF) this visit