Tea on Tuesday

As I sit here drinking a Twinings Pure Rooisbos from Finland (!), I am sorting thru' some photos taken at a tea class at Julianna's the beginning of October.

The class was about the different material types used in creating teacups - porcelain, redware, ironstone, etc.

 There is another class on Thursday evening- What's in Your China Hutch - Part 2. Can't wait!!!

               I figured it was about time I post the pics from Part 1 !

                                                 My friend Judy, waiting for class to start

We all brought our own teacups - Judy brought a lovely one from her friend, Lennie. This was Lennie's mother's teacup- unusual "flocking"  on the pedestal teacup and saucer.

A crazed ironstone pitcher below

                                                Some beautiful cream Wedgwood Queens Ware

                                                    Vintage traditional blue Wedgwood

       My beautiful teacup above - looks like Shelley - but it's English Staffordshire-thrift store treasure!

Please visit Kim and Patty for a list of other tea lovers- drop by any Tuesday for a visit,  to comment, or to share your tea on Tuesday!!


  1. What a fun thing to do. So interesting to learn new things. Love all the teacups.

  2. My older son and I love looking at antiques, so thanks for educating me with teacups and pitchers.

  3. Such pretty tea cups (I love your floral fluted one).


  4. What a lovely setting... Happy tea!

  5. oh always fun to see so much pretty china...I can just imagine how special and fun Susan and Julie made it all!
    Fun seeing Judy out and about too!
    Happy T to ya

  6. I'm in awe of all those cups. Yours looks so elegant and it looks like the plate next to the cup and saucer matched. Really a lovely bunch of cups. I am sure you learned a great deal, too. Hope you had a great tea Tuesday, because I'm running a bit late today.

  7. What fun to see my old friend, Judy and all those lovely tea cups, I've shared it all with our family too. Thank you for a great look at all the beautiful china. Lennie