Return of the Urbanites

                                                    My son came back for his annual campout.


                                     I was asked to write about it for the wonderful, local, weekly paper.

                                                                               I did.


                                                               VERY excited about that!!!!

It is so very different writing for something specific, than just putting to paper whatever

I would have written a blog post about the event anyway (coming soon), but somehow, this felt different.

After I finally got it all down, and sifted thru photos to put along with the words, and submitted it- come to find out- they forgot to tell me it only had to be between 500-600 words!!!


Microsoft Word tells me my article is 1380 words.......................words just  fly when you're having fun!!!LOL

                                                   So, now, the great edit begins.....................

             Two, or was it three (?), hours later...............the rewrite is complete!!!

It took another hour later that night, for D/H to re-size all the photos - again- because I did my rewrite on a draft, not the final I had submitted (oops), where all the photos were properly sized and placed.....sigh....(we are still learning the ins and outs of Photoshop!)

Trying very hard to cut my thoughts literally in HALF, and not lose the content of the story, I found it is easier said than done!!!!

I told Florence I much prefer proof reading over editing. She much prefers a glass of wine over either!!!!! Funny Florence - I now see your point!!!

I managed to winnow the words down from 1380 to 634.............whew!

Discarding words is like .......killing a thought, a valuable thought! Maybe valuable only to me, but valuable, nonetheless!!!

After this, I know I do need a more comfortable chair for sitting in front of the computer.

What I really need is a new computer, or a laptop, hmmmmmm.

But, I am thrilled to have been asked to tell the story of the urbanites, had great fun hosting another year of campers, and am looking forward to writing more!!!! many words is this????????????????????????????


  1. I am so glad I don't have "word requirements" for blog posts!

  2. Glad your son is back, sorry for your troubles in writing the article.

  3. I cana't wait to read and see all the photos! Soooooon! Lennie
    Pass along the link to the newspaper in your area too.

  4. Relax...breathe and just look into your son's happy eyes. My brother Michael has been camping In January with his pals for about 25 years...crazy timing but they seem to bond and have a great time. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. Your SF son is darn handsome...said that in 6 words ;)

    If anyone could do the job of writing a great article it is YOU Mz P!

    Hope to see the finished article with pics too perhaps!

    Happy Sunny Sunday to you and yours

  6. I know what you mean about the "words just flowing" and you ended up with a huge article. For my master's exam, most people wrote about 8-10 pages. I wrote 27. :)