A Mini for a Mini !

Last week, when the hay rack got dragged out for the winter, the question came up - what about Yoshi???

I thought I would probably just pull a board out of the hay rack, so little Yoshi could get at the hay. Right now, he can reach the full round bale, if he stretches his neck, but when it gets eaten below the top rail, he'll have a problem.
Not to mention, when the big guys eat, he comes away covered with what falls out of their mouths!!!

             So, Mr. Green Jeans made a Yoshi sized square bale hay stand to match the large round bale one he made for the big guys!

                                                         A surprise to me - and Yoshi !!!

                                   Mr. Green Jeans making last minute adjustments to his creation!

                                 Yoshi..................wake up............we have something for you!!!!

Ears forward- all cautiously checking this thing out!!!

Hmmm- just my size!!!

Cisco, the buckskin, is checking it out also. If it has food in it, he's right there!

A few seconds after the above  photo, Yoshi got a bit closer, Cisco ate some hay from the big rack, and dragged it across the little tin roof. The nails on a chalkboard sound sent Yoshi flying (below)!

But, he was soon right back, checking out the hay in HIS little rack!

Spoiled? Yup!!!!


  1. Love it! What a fun post! I miss having animals on the farm. I used to ride horses and my granddaddy's mules. Love the name Yoshi!

  2. How cute is this! Yohi is a lucky little donkey! And Cisco and his friend are beautiful!

  3. We all love Yoshi...and I glad his dining room has been arranged! Peace, Mary Helen Animals always have a place in my heart. Life has been tragically broken here in Licking and Muskingham county. I hope this tragic event is enough to have our legislature make the necessary laws to protect and honor our wild creatures and their wild spirits. Peace, Mary Helen

  4. I started Yoshi's fanclub :D He is sooooo cute! And great that he will have place to eat :)

  5. Wow! great post sir, I am really very impressed and happy after seen this horse 's picture. I appreciate that, we all love yoshi.

  6. yah for yoshi.........him so cute....

  7. Yeah for your post, Yeah for Yoshi, Yeah, Yeah for Mr. Green Jeans for his expertise!!!! Love this one so much, it made my morn. Lennie