Happy Feet, Happy Feet, Ooglebloops Has Happy Feet!!!!!

My feet are VERY happy!!! They have been VERY happy for most of the day!!!
Why, you ask??????

Well, it's because they are encased in a pair of luscious, warm, and fuzzy alpaca socks!!!! Denim blue and soft as can be, I just love them!!!

I know you wanna know where you can get a pair, so you, too, can have "happy feet"!!!!!

Drop on over and visit Linda Bylsma's blog

Not only are her multiple blogs entertaining "reads", her boundless energy will amaze and astound, and her alpaca tales (not tails) are always entertaining!!!!

There are several links on Linda's sidebar - one is "Farm Store" (where you can probably find the socks, and lots of other necessary things created out of alpaca fiber-some created by Linda). She may even have a link to her Etsy store, where you can find aprons, pin cushions, and alpaca fiber and knitwear!

Winter is almost upon us - your feet will thank you!!! LOL


  1. Thank you Pat for your nice plug! But your feet are happy, aren't they? Strange.

  2. These look lovely and so warm!

  3. Thanks for visiting! hey, I imagine your feet ARE happy, especially if you have hardwood floors (or facsimiles). Thanks for the links. :)

  4. Love your happy feet and love Linda's Blog as well....