Matchbox Swap

Just a reminder - the mail by date for swappers is coming up- Monday, November 30.

I know some have been mailed out and received, and when both parties have their boxes, I hope they will write a post with pix and link to me. I will share the links with everyone!

I even got 2 thank yous in the mail for hosting the swap!! Thank you , thank you - I will post pix of those soon also!!!! I am looking forward to doing another swap soon!!!

My matchbox is hidden inside this little box- don't want to show you yet - until I am sure my swap partner has received it!!!

Coincidentally, I was just flipping thru this month's Country Living Magazine - and on page 114 is a how-to for making an Advent Calendar out of mini matchboxes!! Very cool!!!

25 matchboxes are stacked on their sides, to make a tree shape.There are 5 rows, with 9 boxes on the base up to 1 at the top. Each row was wrapped in festive paper, and the end of each box was numbered, 1-25. Inside each little box is a treat for the appropriate day. Very simple idea- you could make this and be as plain or as over the top as you wanted!


  1. Hi Oh I just love the name of your blog!!! Loved reading your entries and profile, will come back, Hugs, Mary

  2. There is nothing nicer than receiving a present with a beautiful purple ribbon on it. I hope she enjoys it! :)Bea

  3. Can't wait to see what is inside! Lennie

  4. sounds like we needed stock in matches !

    I sure have had fun with the matchbox swap, thanks again for hosting Pat!


  5. will there be another swap ? would love to join in next time xx

  6. I simply can't wait to see what the other partners created. Looks like I won't have long, now.