Matchbox Swap

OK- it's on!!!

A matchbox swap!!!

The idea came from Kimmie, who discovered a website all about stuffing matchboxes. She made one, then I made one (see my previous posts), and there appeared to be some interest- so here we go!!!!!

We will use the small matchboxes. I just put mine in the mail, so don't know the measurements - but I'm guessing about 2" x 1 1/2". Exact measurements will come later - when I find some more matchboxes!!! LOL

The matchbox should be decorated, then filled with as much tiny flotsam/jetsam/bling that you can fit in there! For people into mixed media altered art - these tiny boxes can be a treasure trove!!!

I wouldn't go overboard - putting in a grain of sand, or a tiny bug, just to up the numbers seems a bit much!!!

When all the names are in - we will let the number generator or some disinterested party (!) match up the names. You will only make one box, filled with goodies, to swap with one person, and you will get one in return. Sound like fun???

If so, leave a comment and we'll start taking names!!!!


  1. Oh YES, please count me in, this sounds like a really fun and easy swap!
    oxo ~*~ Patty

  2. So far we have 4 - Donna, Patty, Kimmie, me- spread the word!!!!:>)

  3. Hi, I was blog-hopping when I found your great Blog.I love these little altered matchboxes, and was wondering if I could join in your swap? Here is my Blog

    and here is the first little Matchbox that I altered a little while ago.

    Jan x

  4. I'll do it :) .... oh I see you got me down already .... yay!

  5. I can't play right now.... maybe next time. But I love this.

  6. Me! Me! Me! Hand waving vigorously in the air . . . I wanna play! I love making little matchboxes and filling them with tiny treasures. This sounds like so much fun!

    Lori Northon

  7. OK, we have 6- do we hear 8.........or 10???? Come on, you KNOW you want to!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hi, I would love to try this fun idea. Thank you.

  9. I've just discovered that you are following my blog - thankyou so much. I'll catch up with you and all you have posted shortly. Meanwhile, hello and enjoy.

  10. Oh gosh - and now I see you are following my second blog, too. I am overwhelmed. I really WILL read through your postings as soon as I have a spare moment. (I love this match-box thingy; reminds me of when I was little and stuffed one full of ladybirds! Guess you don't want that, but let's see - old vintage stuff perhaps .....)

  11. havent been online for ages... and i love this kind of thing.. if you have another one of these swaps.. please let me know.. i would really appreciate it... such beautiful artwork and goodies.. :)
    big ladybug hugs