Tea on Tuesday

I am enjoying a cup of goodness sent to me by Patty

It came in a lovely card, and she found it at Mrs. Hardesty's Tea Room in Harrisonburg, Va. The tea is from Harrison and Crosfield
and it is yummy!!!!
Listen to the ingredients: hibiscus flowers, apple pieces, rosehips, blackberry leaves, and natural essence of raspberry,blackberry, and bilberry!

During this week of giving thanks, I wanted to tell you about this blog I've been following- Nienie Dialogues

Stephanie Nielsen is a courageous young mother in Utah, who was in an airplane crash about a year ago. She suffered horrific burns. Her adoring husband, fondly referred to in her writings as Mr. Nielsen, saved her, and suffered some burns himself. This couple carries on, raising their family of adorable kids. Their lives have been drastically changed forever, but they are thankful for every minute of the day that they spend with their kids and each other. The family was on The Today Show this morning, interviewed by Matt Lauer. Truly an inspiration to us all................


  1. I see you too watched the Today Show this morning. I once worked in a hospital and had access to the burn unit and i can tell you it is the worst things that can happen to a human being.

    The love they between the parents and the children for each other was that will keep this family together.

    Wishing you all the very best

  2. So glad you enjoyed the tea Pat :)
    there truly is SO much to be grateful for in this life ... the human spirit is amazing and inspiring!

  3. what a cool card and tea packet .... ingenious :)
    sounds yummy too ....
    now I'm off to the site you recommend ....

    Happy T!!!

  4. I love Tea and have 2 daughters that love tea and we like the different blends from Tea Heaven. Etsy is having a $5.00 gift sale on November 30th go to my blog and get the details. thanks

  5. I like those cards ready for sending a little tea package. That's a nice holiday touch, a card with also just the littlest suggestion of a gift with it.