Tea on Tuesday

My tea today is Globe Amaranth. It might be a Numi tea, but I'm not sure- the original packaging is long gone!!!

I love these flower teas tho'! It starts out as a dried and tightly bound ball, drop it in the infuser, and let it steep. I wish I had time lapse photography, to show it slowly blossoming!! This tea will last me thru the day. It's delicious cold too!!

When I have lunch, I have some with a salad. I discovered these wonderful walnuts to put on salads- or just eat straight out of the bag!!!! A bit pricey for the size of the bag - but mmmmmmmmmmm, they are goooood!!!!

Would love to chat more, but have to get outside and get busy, before it starts to rain....

Enjoy your day, please join us for tea, and drop in on Kimmie or Patty, for a list of all the Tea on Tuesday participants!
(Oh, and drop in on this blog, for a peek at this cute little infuser she discovered at Ross!!!)


  1. Love the closeup (I clicked) of your blooming tea pot! Kimmie's dragon pearls give a little show too while they are opening!
    I hopped over to check out the tea infuser and thought "baby rattle" right away too! The Martha Stewart Earl Grey Tea cookies she made sure sound good!
    Happy T Tuesday my friend!

  2. Had to read Patty's comment above and then I became a copy cat! Lennie

  3. I need to get another little tea infuser. I had one and broke it. Love the tea! :)Bea

  4. I almost won a flowering tea set complete with the glass teapot and a selection of teas .... it was last year's white elephant party (at Christmas) .... I kinda sorta hate those white elephant things! Looks amazing!!!!

    Happy T today!

  5. I too love the way tea leaves unfold slowly to the heat of the water, releasing its essence, filling the space with fragrance to breath in.
    A day without tea is like a day without sunshine.

    Enjoy the moment,

  6. I bought one of those teapots for my dil along with some flowering tea. So awsome, I hate to drink it and ruin the effect of the blossom.

  7. Aren't those the best teapots ever?! The taste of flowery tea is so mellow and delicious...love those glass teapots, too!

    God bless,

  8. Hadn't seen these tea balls ... interesting.

    Pop over for our TRIPLE GIVEAWAY with a tea cozy & tea.
    Have a lovely eve. TTFN ~Marydon

  9. Thank you for gracing my humble blog...you are always welcomed. I have discovered that there is a generous amount of energy in this exchange of thoughts, processes and making our sacred marks. Imagine and live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  10. I'm very late to this tea party, and your new one hasn't started. Your tea sounds interesting...intriguing.

    I also checked out all your completed projects. You are on a roll! I love them all!

    oxo Judy

  11. hi pat, there is a neat video on you tube with a blooming tea in a pot that is fun to watch...i'm going to look for that next time i go to the tea shop...happy tea tuesday!!

  12. What a very beautiful and unique teapot. I love it!!!