It's the Little Things...........

.......that get done, that make me feel like I have actually accomplished something!!!
These rainy days indoors have inspired me to finish up some of the UFO's littering the studio.
First done is the BOM for Sandy's Woolie Buddies group. She is designing a pattern for each block. I decided to do my on denim with wool appliques. It would make is more of a usable quilt, rather than another wall hanging. I am running out of space to hang things!!! The wool is from a vintage blazer, and the yarn is vintage also. The little wrapper from the yarn is in the photo.It says the thread is best washed in Ivory Snow!!!!! The denim came from my daughter's jeans!

The next is some doodling I did on some found book covers. More about those tomorrow, on my other blog!
And, finally, my old Longaberger magazine basket, whose cloth cover had seen better days, finally got a new one!!! I found some wonderful upholstery remnants at the thrift store, and used one of them for the cover, and recycled some muslin for the bottom of the cover. After, I had it all together, I remembered I had wanted to stuff the underside, so it could be used as a pin cushion. But, I am NOT going to pull it apart now!!! I'll applique a pin cushion to the underside at a later date (yup, I just turned this lid back into a UFO again!!! LOL)

And, my signature blocks are in the mail!!! Linda's birthday blocks were finally done!!! Yay!! Here are two of them - I used all different fabrics (even a bit of the fabric I won in Gene's giveaway!)

So, I am on a roll, I hope to do a little bit each day, creatively, as long as my muse is awake and inspiring me to move on!!!


  1. I'm going to claim the Fat Quarter ladies for my block, being that I am the Birthday girl. Cute!!! Can hardly wait to get them.
    And great idea about the denim blocks. I've got piles of denim to use, I'll have to try that.

  2. You are doing great!!!!Keep on a going!!

  3. This is great progress!

  4. You HAVE been busy making the most of our rainy days! Denim does make a great base, I got caught the other day cutting up a thin and worn shirt of JJJ's ... the collar was frayed and I don't replace collars like my Mom once did ;)

  5. G'morn ~ Re pineapple tops. Yes, they will grow indoors in a well lit window & we even had a pineapple grow from it. The kid-lings had a ball watching it grow. We live in MD. Have fun, try it! TTFN ~ Marydon